Saturday, May 28, 2022

Simon Cowell Not Happy Sam Bailey Is Winning The X Factor

According to reports, Simon Cowell does not want Prison Offer Sam Bailey to win this years X Factor show.

Simon Cowell is said to be furious that Sam Bailey is getting the majority of the votes when there is a younger singer who could sell more records that should be getting the public attention.

Although The X Factor has come under a lot of stick this year for the lack of talent and some saying that Sam Bailey has saved the show by being the most talented singer on this years talent show, according to reports Simon Cowell believes the public have got it wrong and Tamera Foster should be getting the votes.

It is said that Simon Cowell believes 16 year old Tamera Foster could sell millions of records while he is not convinced Sam Bailey could be a big star.

One source at ITV has said: “The tenth anniversary of The X Factor should be special, it should have been the year that our show shines, but due to the low ratings and the bad press this years show has been less of a celebration and more of a disappointment.”

The source went on: “Although Simon Cowell has not come out and said out loud that he does not want Sam Bailey to win, there are whispers on the floor that the tenth anniversary could be history repeating all over again back to the first series when Steve Brookstein won.”

According to reports, if Tamera does not win the show, she will still get a recording contract with Simon Cowell record company, Syco.

This is not good news for Sam Bailey who has helped keep the viewers watching the show. The former prison officer has from day one had the best voice in the competition but it seems if the stories are true, then talent has nothing to do with winning the X Factor under Simon Cowell eyes.

It seems it is all about money and age, but one thing is for sure, talented series one winner of The X Factor Steve Brookstein who is due to record a new album, is rooting for Sam Bailey to win the show and if the figures that were printed last week are true, then it seems the majority of The X Factor audience are behind Sam Bailey. So the question is, if she wins, will she last more than one album under Simon Cowell?

What do you think about Sam Bailey winning The X Factor show, are you a fan and want her to win or are you rooting for Tamera? Let us know by leaving your comments below using your Facebook account.


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