Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Simon Cowell Needs To Change Nappies Says David Walliams

Simon Cowell Should Watch His Son Being Born Says David Walliams.

Britain’s Got Talent Judge David Walliams who was as shocked as the rest of us when it was announced that X Factor judge Simon Cowell was to become a dad, has said that his friend needs to get his hands dirty and learn how to change nappies.

David Walliams has said that Simon Cowell needs to get some practice in before the birth of his son. The comic has said he needs to start practicing on how to change nappies so he will be ready for when his son is born.

The Little Britain star joked, that Simon Cowell will have to learn how to change nappies not just for his son but also so he can change X Factor Louis Walsh nappies in a few years time.

David Walliams told Lorraine on her television show: ”It’s one of those things, so many men say, ‘I’m never going to change a nappy’, it’s actually not that bad. It’s part of loving your child. And one day, he’s going to have to change Louis Walsh’s nappies – so he’d better get used to it now!”

Simon Cowell has announced that he will not be watching the birth, the king of pop said there are some things you should see and some things you shouldn’t see and the birth of a baby is one of those things you should not see. However, David Walliams does not agree and said that the birth of a baby is a magical event and he should be there.



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