Saturday, May 28, 2022

Simon Cowell Is Worried Over The Voice

Simon Cowell knew he had a competition on his hands with BBC The Voice but he did not realise it would be so successful. The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent boss has watched The Voice beat his show in the ratings and has now realised what a threat the singing competition has to his show.

According to a source on Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell is not just worried about The Voice beating his show in the ratings he is also worried that talented singers will now turn their backs on The X Factor and instead audition for The Voice.

Simon Cowell knows The X Factor is all about the talent and without the talent he does not have a show and this is worrying him according to the source.

The Britain’s Got Talent boss has had a number of meetings with his staff and bosses at ITV over The Voice and how to try and beat them in the ratings. Only last week at the last minute Simon Cowell decided to re-edit the show to try and make it better and now he is looking at changing his image to try and get viewers back on side.

Simon Cowell is known for being Mr Nasty and being Mr Honest but now according to the source, Simon Cowell now wants to get rid of that image and become Mr Nice to get viewers on side and increase the ratings for his show.

An insider told The Sun: “He’ll learn lessons from it.”

The Voice UK attracted four million more viewers than Britain’s Got Talent during their 20-minute crossover between 8pm and 8.20pm on Saturday (April 7).

The source added: “Simon wasn’t happy when he saw the ratings. He likes to be number one in everything he does. He has told producers they must make BGT even better.

“He is known as being a perfectionist and this will only renew his desire to beat The Voice.”

Simon Cowell is now looking at this year’s X Factor and looking at ways to keep it as the number one show. A source on Britain’s Got Talent said that Simon Cowell’s biggest fear is if the BBC decided to put The Voce head to head with The X Factor.


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