Saturday, May 28, 2022

Simon Cowell Is Very proud Of X Factor Winner James Arthur

Simon Cowell Says James Arthur Is Very Talented And Makes Him Proud

It is not often we hear Simon Cowell compliment others, we are more use to the X Factor judge complimenting himself which even includes his ego getting so big he is thinking of calling his unborn baby son, Simon Cowell Junior. But now Simon Cowell has come out and said he is very proud of James Arthur, wonder if it has anything to do with the X Factor winner making him even more rich.

Simon Cowell believes James Arthur album which is titled simply as ‘James Arthur’ will be one of the best albums of 2013.


The X Factor judge tweeted: “James album this week. It’s reeeeeally good. And little mix with their stunning new single. Very proud of both artists.[SIC]”

James Arthur who has become well known for being very outspoken on Twitter as well as in the media is being recommended for a judging role on next years X Factor show by music experts. Some music experts believe the X Factor winner could bring much needed honesty to the show and could bring a much needed younger audience but according to a source at Syco, Simon Cowell wants James Arthur to concentrate on his music career.

This years X Factor show has not really sparkled, instead of a loud bang the show has been compared to a quiet little firework that failed to reach the sky, a problem that Simon Cowell is well aware of.

Each week Simon Cowell is watching the BBC beat him in the ratings, so maybe Simon should think again and get James Arthur on board and help turn ITV X Factor show around in 2014.


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