Friends Fear Sinitta Could Be Heading For A Breakdown

80s pop icon Sinitta has always been a close friend of Simon Cowell and received his full support, but now it seems Simon Cowell could be shutting the door on his friendship with Sinitta and friends fear this could cause the beautiful singer to have a breakdown.

Sinitta has had to put up with a lot recently according to a friend who spoke to In2town Lifestyle News, the source told In2town that Sinitta has been very loyal to Simon Cowell over the years and she feels let down by the way she has been treated.

The 49 year old singer is said to be distraught over her ex Simon Cowell starting a family with New York Socialite Lauren Silverman, however, the source has told In2town that it is not the fact that Simon Cowell is starting a family, it was the way she was told and all the crap that she has had to face in recent weeks including the news that she had an abortion.


Sinitta posted to her 150,000 twitter followers on Friday night saying she had finally snapped. The 80s singer said she felt like she was being silence, leaver her no option but to take to Twitter to tell people the truth and to have her say.

She said on Twitter: “I don’t want to hurt the people I have loved but I don’t ­always want to always be the one who gets hurt either. Today I snapped, enough is enough.

“This (Twitter) isn’t the best place ­practically as SO much to say. I’m going to set a few things straight even though I am afraid of the consequences.

“I need to pray on this but I know some how (sic) I need to do this. I’m sorry but it is important to me.”

According to reports, Simon Cowell friends have been disgusted with Sinitta for turning to Twitter to vent her anger while friends of Sinitta are worried she could be heading for a breakdown with no support from Simon Cowell.

It has been reported in the news that Simon Cowell has been instructed by Lauren Silverman to end his friendship with Sinitta, friends fear if Simon Cowell does turn his back on his loyal friend then this could finally break her.

In2town believe that Sinitta is a strong person who will survive the negative attention that Simon Cowell and his baby news has brought.