Saturday, May 28, 2022

Russell Brand Want To Do Every Kama Sultra Sex Position

It seems Russell Brand has not lost his desire for sex after splitting up with Katy Perry, as now the comedian and film actor has launched himself a challenge, a challenge that any man would love to complete if their loved ones would let them. Russell Brand wants to complete every single position in the Kama Sultra book and according to close friends, he is well on his way to succeeding.


Russell Brand has decided to keep himself occupied during the bleak summer, to practice the mythical 2000-year-old sexual positions book and complete every single position by autumn. Now it is a challenge that most celebrities would fail but as we all known the ladies like Russell Brand, we think it should be plain sailing for him.


A friend told The Daily Star: “Russ picked up a copy of the Kama Sutra at the beginning of summer.


‘Russell Brand Wants To Be The First Man To Complete All Of The Kama Sultra Positions’


“He has set himself the challenge of reading it and acting it out before summer ends. It’s been a long-term aim of his. And now he’s single he’s going to go for it.”

“Russ told me ‘It’s the professional’s version of that Fifty Shades Of Grey book,’” his friend added.

The friend said that Russell gets bored very easily and this book is helping him keep his mind occupied.

“He said it would be the ultimate sexual challenge. But to be fair to him he wants to educate himself on the philosophies of the book as well as the enjoyment.”

Well ladies, if you are up to the challenge then we suggest you get on twitter and contact Russell Brand and put your name forward.


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