Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Robbie Williams Brags To Fans About His Manhood

Take That Star delighted his fans in Croatia when he bragged about his manhood.

Robbie Williams who has suffered from stage fright for many years now wanted to impress his Croatia fans by learning some of the lingo. However we are not sure the person who was teaching Robbie the local language was playing a prank on him or if Robbie meant to say ‘“Ja imam veliki kurac” which translates into “I have a big c***”

The cheeky singer who was playing at his Zagreb gig got the audience laughing after he made the remark.

As the audience were laughing, Robbie Williams who has delighted millions of his fans with his latest tour, kept on repeating the remark.

One said: ‘It was very strange. He got a huge cheer but he couldn’t stop laughing.’

Robbie Williams who has not confirmed or denied if he will be getting back with the Take That Band next year when they record a new album, is currently delighting fans with his Take The Crown tour which has been supported by his close friend Olly Murs.

By Diane Walker


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