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Relationship expert offer Singles Online Dating Advice


Online Dating has become so incredible powerful in recent years thanks to the Internet and the large number of Online Dating Service that is available. More and more single people are now turning to the Internet to find their long-term partner and according to a recent report; Online Dating has become very successful resulting in single people meeting online getting married. Our Relationship expert has put together some Singles Online Dating tips to help you find your ideal partner.


1.     Make sure you find the right Online Dating website, there are lots of them out there and if you can try the ones that offer free sign ups first as this will allow you to try them out. A number of dating websites will offer you free membership to allow you to try them out so we suggest that you find these sites and give them a try, why not, its free.


2.     When you have joined the dating website be careful with your identity, do not reveal everything about yourself online, do not give out your address or your phone number.


3.     If you do not feel comfortable with someone you have met online then do not go back to that person, follow your gut feeling and move on and find someone new to speak to.


4. Only reveal some of your personal details when you feel ready and if you are going to give out personal email addresses then grab yourself a free one from Yahoo instead of using your main email address.


5. When you decide to make contact with someone by phone, I would suggest that you use a phone box or withheld your number first of all until you are sure of the person you are talking to.


6. Speak to the person you have met online at least ten times over two weeks before agreeing to met them, you can learn a lot by speaking to someone over the phone, so do not rush into meeting them, wait at least two weeks with regular online and offline contact.


7. As mentioned, trust your instincts when speaking to them over the phone, if you do not feel comfortable then do not arrange to meet them.


8. When you do decide to meet someone from a dating site then please arrange to meet in a public place and do not be afraid of asking if a friend of yours and a friend of there’s can come along as there is always safety in numbers.


Although these tips may sound a bit over the top, it allows you to date online safely and meet up safely and hopefully find your ideal partner and husband and wife for long-term commitment.


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