Thursday, May 19, 2022

Rap CEO And Expert On Violence Reveals He Has Been Stopped By USA Police Over One Thousand Times

Stunning video footage and interviews with the world’s largest media outlets reveal Hip Hop label CEO Jerome Almon has been stopped by police over one thousand times. FBI records show that the police stops set off a chain of events that led to Almon being banned out of Canada and then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with Canadian Prime Minister on orders of then President George Bush. According to a stunning series of emails from the State Department and Canadian government, Mr. Almon turned down the deal, citing the danger to Blacks in future stops by police.

Interviews with Hollywood and global media heavyweights TMZ, Global TV, Vice, and dozens of other outlets indicate Almon warned that systematic racial profiling African Americans would lead to “blue on Black” tragedies such the recent George Floyd incident. The interviews feature rappers ASAP Rocky, JayZ, 50 Cent, and other notable celebrities.

According to the article “Motown’s Road To Ruin,” in Australia’s largest media outlet, The Daily Telegraph, Almon details the causes of the endless confrontations between Blacks and police in the most raw and shocking terms. The interview indicates that activists are on the wrong track in solving the problem, and are being grossly misled by the leaders of the movement. According to a video posted on Youtube of one of Mr. Almon’s most recent police stops in Carrollton, Georgia, home of the infamous racist Tik Tok video, the stop almost turned lethal twice. According to police reports, the near use of force was due to Almon being to “calm.”

Almon, who also heads a global think tank that is globally renown for the think tank’s victories over Google, the Canadian government, the United States State Department, for forecasting numerous events and trends, and for solving some of America’s and the globe’s most serious problems from the school shooter epidemic, climate change, and healthcare for all in the US. Mr. Almon’s think tank will be releasing the origin, causation, and solution to the lethal confrontations between Blacks and police in June.


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