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Public Speaking Can Help Your Small Business Increase Its Brand

Chris Taylor the Managing Director of I want a Says Public Speaking Increase Brand Awareness


At a time when the economic climate in the UK is not at its best it is important for the small business owner to find ways to promote themselves and generate business in a cost effective manner, according to Chris Taylor the Managing Director of I want a, Public Speaking is a great way to build your brand and generate vital revenue for your business.


If you like it or not there is no magic wand when it comes to generating customers, you cannot expect the phone to start ringing or customers to start walking through the door without promotion, but that is where the catch 22 position comes into play. To promote your business you need money but what happens if you do not have a huge budget, what happens if you cannot afford to put lots of adverts into newspapers or employ a marketing team, like most small business owners the onus to generate customers is down to you and with the lack of funds behind you it is your job to put the long hours in and find all the cost effective ways available to market your business.


Chris Taylor of, the website that brings public speakers and clients together explained each and every business owner is missing an important opportunity that is cost effective and at the same time will increase the brand awareness of their business and generate sales; knowledge. “A person who starts a business will choose a business that they have knowledge in and this knowledge is something they can share with other business owners and potential customers through public speaking. By using public speaking, it is an effective way to increase your brand awareness and help you to meet business owners who you would not have had a chance to meet before” said Chris Taylor


The Managing Director of I want A is right. If you ran a business in printed promotional material where you are offering a service printing messages and logo’s on everything from baseball hats, vans to small and large flags for events but you did not have the finances to promote your service to potential clients, but you had the knowledge of how a business like yours could save a company money and help them get their message across then public speaking is your marketing and advertising campaign.


Large business owners have what is known as the gate keeper, this is where someone is in between you and the person who could be buying your product or service, but because the decision maker does not want to receive lots of sales phone calls and sales letters, they have a very highly qualified secretary or personal assistant whose job it is to stop you both from meeting. However, what a lot of people do not understand is, a lot of these business leaders go to events like breakfast clubs, dinner clubs or events where there are public speakers sharing their experience and knowledge on how a business leader can improve his or her business, this is your way in.   


By becoming a public speaker, you are able to increase your brand awareness and break down the barriers that are put in place by the gate keeper. By becoming a public speaker you can share your knowledge and experience and at the same time you can meet people who you were unable to meet and gain potential customers without spending a lot of money on advertising. If a business leader receives a phone call from a stranger trying to sell him something or a call from a trusted source who he has met at a public speaking event, whose call do you think the gate keeper will allow to be put through to her boss? One of the best ways to build and promote your individual brand or company is one of the most overlooked: public speaking.


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