Thursday, January 20, 2022

President Trump Using Think Tank’s Plan To Repeal CDA 230 Due To Victories Over Google In Australia And The European Union

  • FTC, DOJ, Sen.Josh Hawley Have Received Devastating Information From Think Tank Concerning Facebook, Twitter, And Google

Documents and emails reveal that a global think tank led by innovator and disaster Jerome Almon led President Trump to signing an executive order to repeal the infamous CDA 230 protections afforded to social media and tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Australian Supreme Court records indicate that Dr. Janice Duffy defeated Google in the landmark globe changing case Duffy v Google inc (No 3)-2016 SASC1. Mr. Almon acted as head of media communications and strategy for Dr. Duffy. Emails between President Trump’s personal attorney John Dowd, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Department of Justice (DOJ), Senator Josh Hawley, and Almon indicate that President Trump’s repeal of CDA 230 is far more serious a matter than is commonly known, and that the master plan provided to President Trump could very well spell doom for social media.

According to numerous articles from Australia, the European Union (EU), and the United States in such outlets as NIR News (National Investigative Report and ABC Australia, Google was found guilty by Australian judges in the case of attempting to use CDA 230 to claim immunity from any and all lawsuits concerning posts containing defamatory statements regardless of the country in which the post was made. According to a 2018 article in “The Conversation” Google is now seeking protection from Mr. Almon’s think tank.

Emails to Mr. Almon from the head of the European Union’s Competition Unit, Nicholas Banasevic, evidence that EU Minister of Competition Margrethe Vestager and Mr. Banasevic found information provided to the unit was a major factor in the EU fining Google over $10 billion. The information provided by Almon centered on Google’s relationship with the Ripoff Report and legal actions in America against its owner in Iowa and several other states as covered in a report by “60 Minutes.” In a stunning 2015 article in the “Sioux City Journal,” it was revealed that Google’s relationship with the Ripoff Report became the focus of a murder investigation.

Mr. Almon’s think tank is well known globally for accurately and correctly prediction a $700 billion threat at the US-Canada border and a mirror threat to NYC and Wall Street, warning of
the dangerous lack of medical infrastructure to ward off virus induced global pandemics in interviews with the global media in 2013-two years before Bill Gates infamous interview warning of what is now Covid-19 at the TED conference, and several other major events and trends related to national security and the negative effects of social media. Almon’s think tank will reveal solutions to America’s and the globe’s most pressing problems such as corona viruses, global warming, and other such major issues.

Sioux City Journal Article rticle_cce5e80f-786a-5f66-8763-3ecb30cadb71.html

COMPLETE VERIFYING INFORMATION lia-trump-ftc-doj-sen-josh-hawley-have-been-in-contact-all-using-our-plan-to-devastate-tech-mo guls/

By Jerome Almon [email protected]


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