One Direction Harry Styles Buys £5000 Art Piece

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It seems Harry Styles has got more money than sense or he is very wise with his money. The One Direction Singer has spent £5000 on an interesting art piece which some say could be worth a few hundred thousand pounds in years to come.

Harry Styles spent £5000 on an art piece which depicts a handgun inside a glass fire alarm, this is the latest piece of art that he is bought and according to sources to the One Direction singer, he has amassed a £100,000 art collection.

The artwork was created by Ben Turnbull who told the Mirror: “I did a series of fire alarms with weapons in called Every Home Should Have One.

“Harry had one with a gun inside. I wasn’t actually at the art fair and I didn’t do the deal, but I’m fairly sure that Harry would have got a little bit of a discount.

He added to the Daily Mirror: “My pieces tend to give a statement – quite a sharp jab. Maybe that’s what Harry likes about them.”

It seems that Harry Styles is getting good advice on what to spend his money on.

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