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Obesity causing problems for the NHS

According to reports Obesity and people having Weight Loss Surgery also known as Gastric Band Surgery is causing a burden for the NHS. Before the year 2000 not many people had Gastric Band Surgery but records show in 2000 238 people had a gastric band fitted while in 2007 this jumped up to 2543 people meaning a burden on NHS. During April 2000 and March 2008 a massive 6952 operations took place according to the British Medical Journal.

Weight Loss Surgery has become big news since celebrities such as Fern Britton has the operation done to lose weight but what do we really know about Weight Loss surgery.

The department of Health have warned people that the surgery does carry a risk and people must only use it as a last resort.

There is a range of post-operative problems reported with gastric bands, and according to research patients could experience one or more of the following symptoms:

Nausea and vomiting
Reflux or regurgitation of food
Slipped band
Obstruction or blockage
Difficulty swallowing

If these complications cause you serious discomfort your band may need to be adjusted or removed. This involves further surgery, exposing you to all the associated risks once again.

So what other ways are there to lose weight? Well we know about Diets, Exercise and we also know about pills but what happens if Diets do not work for you or if you are not convinced like me that these so called weight loss pills work, well there is something called Weight Loss Hypnotherapy or as it is also known, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a unique hypnotherapy tool that allows a weight loss hypnotherapy expert to make you believe you have had a gastric Band fitted without having any surgery. The expert will help you lose weight by working with you to eat less and to eat proper foods and some reports have claimed this weight loss procedure can help you lose around 5 pounds per week.

Health experts have said that if the NHS started to use Weight Loss Hypnotherapy instead of using Gastric Band Surgery then it would reduce the burden on the NHS and would also stop people from having complications as a result of the surgery.

Some Doctors around the UK are already advising their patients to have Weight Loss Hypnotherapy because it is 100% safe and patients who cannot get the surgery on the NHS and who are unwilling to pay the estimated £8,500 to have a Gastric Band fitted are also being advised to use Hypnotherapy to lose weight.

The Imperial College of London has claimed the rapid rise in people having a Gastric Band fitted is down to awareness such as celebrities having the procedure done.

“Bariatric surgery has increased exponentially in England in recent years,” the report said.

“In conjunction with the growing level of obesity, as patients become more aware of surgery as a viable treatment option, demand for surgery among morbidly obese patients increases.”

If you have had a Gastric Band fitted or had Weight Loss Hypnotherapy then let us know


By Diane Walker


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