Thursday, May 19, 2022

New Car Seat Travel Bag Has Been Launched

Loyal Starfish is a small company that aims to make traveling with kids easier and smoother. “A good mindset, the right knowledge, and the right tools/products is the key to a great traveling experience”, says Viktor Nilsson, founder, and owner of the company.

As for this new product, the improved Car Seat Travel Bag from Loyal Starfish will improve the experience when taking a flight with the kids. This specially designed bag will make it easier to bring and carry a car seat at the airport and also work as a protection when checking the car seat in at the gate.

The improved design includes a rain flap to better protect the car seat from rain, dust, and germs that otherwise easily can get in through the drawstring opening. With the flap, the bag becomes better sealed.

The car seat travel bag is made out of heavy-duty ballistic nylon to protect the customer’s car seat when handled and stored. To provide maximum comfort when carrying, the bag has two padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted for optimal fit.

This product is the first product of many to come from Loyal Starfish, that will simplify and make traveling with kids a pleasant and fun experience.

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