Thursday, May 19, 2022

XavierTheRapper Brings Awareness to Mental Health with Single “Won’t Change”

Up and coming rapper, XavierTheRapper (Xavier Ceausescu) is using his talents to bring much needed awareness to mental health. His new single titled “Won’t Change” which identifies his personal contentions with mental health has caused excitement with his fans from all corners of the world.

Since being released, “Won’t Change” has achieved more than 30,000 streams on his YouTube channel, showing the young artist is fast becoming a major player in the music world.

“Won’t Change” is a powerful musical piece that takes the listener into the depths of Xavier’s darkest thoughts as he reflects back on the years of his life that he can’t change. The original, poetic lyrics depict the rapper’s struggles with loneliness and feelings of being unworthy of love as he battles and addresses instances of his depression. “Won’t Change” empowers youth who are suffering in silence behind disingenuous smiles to persuade them to begin speaking out about their mental health. In a society tainted by the unrealistic expectations fueled by social media, this song perfectly captures the accomplishments that become possible when you continue to fight through another day. XavierTheRapper is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. There is no denying that he will achieve greatness as he breaks through the stigma surrounding intimate topics.

When asked what motivated him to write and self-produce his single, the Washinton, DC rapper who now resides in Salt Lake City said: “Won’t Change,” XavierTheRapper, vocalized that he has “long battled with depression that is related to traumatic experiences in my childhood and early adolescence, including my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. Writing my own lyrics and creating music serves as an outlet for me to positively deal with the darkest parts of who I am. It’s extremely easy for people to mask their true thoughts and emotions with a smile these days –especially on social media. And I am extremely humbled by the response of the audience that I have gained because of it.”

Mental health has become a serious issue in recent years and more so since the COVID19 pandemic. One in four people suffer from mental health during their lifetime, and every 40 seconds a person commits suicide due to mental health. XavierTheRapper, wants to see changes. He wants to see more health services provided for those that struggle, and he wants to see more people who struggle on a daily to speak to loved ones or reach out to a professional instead of suffering in silence.

For more information about XavierTheRapper, and listen to his single “Won’t Change,” please visit his official YouTube page and Instagram for more details.


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