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Miami Rap Artist Razzie Says He’s Not Interested In American Idol

One of the most talked about rap stars in Miami has shared some exciting news. Razzie, who needs no introduction is set to release his new EP.

The new EP Say Less which is available on pre-order has already caused excitement with the fans. But if you think Razzie has only got fans in Miami and the USA then you would be very wrong. The Rap star who said he would never appear on American Idol has gained fans from all corners of the world including the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Say Less, will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms on the 17th October 2020. Music experts who have already heard the new EP have called it exciting, powerful and Razzie best work to-date. If you look at his previous releases that is a big statement to make, so its no wonder why so many people are itching to get their hands on the new EP.

We wanted to catch up with Razzie and have a chat about his music and what he thinks about Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump. This is what he had to say


  1. Razzie, you have announced some exiting news, and that news is you are releasing a four track EP on the seventeenth of October, can you tell me more about the new music?

I feel like the new music is me finally reaching my sound. The content of music has really changed too. What I’m making now is really meaningful and has a real story behind it.


  1. You have been rapping ever since the age of 14, what got you into rap music?

I grew up in a Christian household and I wasn’t allowed to listen to rap music or anything seculiar. So, when I finally heard it I instantly fell in love and that because what I wanted to do.


  1. Which rap artist would you say has changed the direction of rap music?

I feel some of the most influential people out there the innovators to how the music sounds. Rap now is very melodic.  People like Kanye, T-Pain even Kid Cudi changed how we heard rap.


  1. You were originally involved in the Hot Topik crew but decided to go solo, was that a difficult choice to make, and do you have any regrets?

No, I don’t I was young.


  1. You have been described as the best emerging artist from Fort Pierce, FL, why do you believe you stand out from other artists in Florida?

I stand out because I sound different than other artists. I’m telling a different story then then. It’s not about the same street, get money materialistic stuff.


  1. When you write music, what process do you take?

It depends, sometimes music just comes to me. Like I could be watching a show and something someone said resonates with me. Or I’m thinking on a life situation and words just start pouring out. Even when in the studio and I’m hype and me and the engineer comes up with something right on the spot.


  1. Why did you decide to go into hip hop and rap music instead of pop?

My music has evolved to a point that it sounds like all of them. I have some songs that sounds like rap and I have songs that sounds really pop. I’m think I don’t have genre sometimes.


  1. American Idol is not known for having Hip Hop and rap artists as contestants, but if they did would you consider entering the competition?

Ha-ha naw man. That ain’t my style


  1. As a black artist what is your opinion on the black lives matter campaign?

I am black so I feel very strongly about it. I mean we’ve been facing systematic oppression and racism for years. When will it end? I’ve grown up in a world where just because the color of my skin that I’m undervalued as a human being


  1. Do you believe that music can help to change things in the world?

Yea I do. Music is universal and goes beyond the spectrum of color. That can unify people.


  1. Would you like to see all big named artists come together and bring out a charity record to send a clear message that these shocking killings by the hands of the police has to stop?

I think it’s very important to use your influence to inform people about the injustices that are happening around us and to speak out about everything that going on. But I don’t believe that you should interrupt the creative process like to say every big artist should make a record about it. Artist should make what they feel not what people think is appropriate at the time.


  1. People have said that Donald Trump is ignoring what is happening in his own country with innocent black people being killed by police officers, what are your thoughts on that?

That dude is a clown and I don’t support him, that’s it.


  1. Do you as an artist have any plans to release music to voice your concerns at what is happening with these shocking shootings by police officers?

Currently, no but I fully support the BLM movement and speak out against racism at every level


  1. You started your career very young, but a lot of young people when they say they want to go into music and make it their career are told to stop dreaming. What would you say to your young fans who want to follow their dreams and become an artist?

Dreams are what God gave you. Hold on to those dreams and never stop, never let anyone tell you can’t do something. Whatever you put your mind to it can be made possible if u keep God 1st and not listen anything that anyone has to say.


  1. When can your fans expect to see you perform?

Right now, here in Florida there’s a lot going on during the Pandemic. But as soon as things settle down, I’ll have dates to announce.


Pre-Order Razzie’s New EP Here:



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