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Meltek Interview – American Idol Need To Have Dance Music In Their Competition

American idol needs to have dance music in the completion


When it comes to the rise of electronic dance music artists, the word you’re looking for is Meltek. If you have not heard of Meltek, then why not? If you are a fan of Electronic and Dance music then you will of heard of the rising electronic/dance DJ & Producer who was born in New Zealand but now from Melbourne Australia.

Meltek career is going faster than the fastest man in the world. He is being supported by some of the biggest artists in the world like Don Diablo, Deorro and more, and gaining new fans from all corners of the world. He has already been featured on some major dance radio shows like HEXAGON Radio and TEAMMBL Radio, and now he is set to release his new hit coming out later this month coming out on the record label Zero Cool.

The Australian born electronic and dance music wizard sets pulses alive on the dance floor with his mind boggling tracks. He is known for attacking the soul and turning the body into a powerhouse dance machine. Now, with his latest track which will be coming out this month, his fans need to get ready. This track is going to be his biggest yet. It does not matter if we are in lockdown or not, the windows will be wide open, the doors will follow and the pumping sounds of Meltek new track will be hitting all corners of the street.


We decided to sit down with Meltek and find out what makes him tick and to learn more about his music.


  1. Who is Meltek and what makes you tick? I am a Electronic/Dance DJ & Producer from Melbourne, Australia originally from New Zealand. I have been DJing and producing for a little over 10 years now.
  2. How would you describe yourself and your music in 5 words? Bouncy, Energetic, Uplifting, Summer, Festival
  3. So, you are a rising electronic/dance DJ & Producer from Melbourne Australia, at what age did you become interested in music? Like many, music has always been there growing up. I come from a very musical culture (Samoan), you either sing, dance or play an instrument etc.
  4. How did you start producing music and becoming a D and did your parents support your passion? I started off doing mash-ups and edits by watching my older cousins do it on a program called Acid Pro 4.0, over the years I learnt and moved to FL Studio. A friend of mine Brent who’s also a DJ (DJ Crunk) taught me how to mix on the decks back at his house. Mum never really understood I don’t think because I never really spoke much about it, but she knew and never discouraged me.
  5. So, how old were you when you started producing music? I was 17 when started to produce my own music.
  6. You have been supported by some of the biggest artist in the world like Don Diablo, Deorro, can you explain more about that? Deorro supported a collaboration I done with Reece Low, The Sleepover & J Net called “Disco Slut” back at the very start of my career in 2011. Don Diablo supported an upcoming track of mine called “Devotion” which is yet to have a release date, hopefully in the next couple months.
  7. You have been featured in a couple of major dance radio shows like HEXAGON Radio and TEAMMBL Radio, what do you put that success down to? Getting support and air-time by Don Diablo was a major goal for me and I am sure many other producers as well, so this was a great achievement.
  8. The electronic music scene has evolved over the year, but what decade do you think electronic music peaked? 2011 on-wards, Tracks like “Language” by Port Robinson and “Levels” by Avicii were a massive turning point for dance music. Even the past couple years have been major, the quality of music that has been released have been insane.
  9. What future do you see for electronic music? Electronic music is forever evolving, I see an endless future for it.
  1. MeltekWhat kind of music did you grow up with and which artists inspired you as a teenager? I grew up listening to a lot of R&B, Hip Hop & Reggae when I was really young. Artist like Eric Laville, Dirty South inspired me a lot when I was a teenager.
  2. Who are your biggest inspirations? My biggest inspirations are Don Diablo, Retrovision, Throttle and Deadmau5.
  3. Be honest now, what was the first album you bought? The first album I actually bought was Deadmau5’s 4×4=12. wow what an album that was.


  1. Would you say it is harder to becoming a success in electronic music is harder or easier than making it in pop music? I’d say Electronic music would be harder as the scene is so saturated.


  1. Your record Teknical Control became a big hit and gained you new fans from around the world, what was the best review you received from fans? This was actually my first signed track since 2014, i took a break a stopped making house music for quite some time. I couldn’t tell you a specific review from the top of my head, but they have all been very positive.
  2. You have a new record coming out, can you tell me when that is being released and when you wrote it? The track is called All Of My Love and it’s getting released on MOTi’s record label “Zero Cool”
  3. A lot of artists have been climbing the walls with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, how have you been coping? At the start it was very frustrating as you can imagine. My son Armani was born on the 7/7 so iso wasn’t so bad anymore
  4. American Idol focus on pop music, would you like to see a talent show feature electronic and dance music? That would be pretty cool in my opinion, why not.
  5. What advice would you give young people wanting to launch a career in electronic and dance music? Stay true to what you believe in making and try not to follow all the trends too much.
  6. So, what is next for you? I’m going to continue to push out new music and hopefully get some more records signed to major labels

Check out his music here


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