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Dimitris Kapetanakis Talks About His New Album

If you have never heard of Dimitris Kapetanakis where have you been? He is been described as one of the most exciting pop stars of 2020 and is currently setting the world alight with his new album Elements.

The multi-talented artist who produced the whole album by himself, and why not when you are a song-writer, and producer, has caused excitement with his fans all over the world. There are not many artists where social media starts spreading rumours about new music. Fans started to speculate if Dimitris was releasing new music. Some fans thought the new album would come out next year, but when Dimitris announced the new album was coming out now, he created a buzz.

Sine the new album was released it has generated amazing reviews by music experts and the fans love it, so what makes Dimitris so special, and how has he managed to gain fans from all corners of the world. Is it because he is Greek and great looking, is it is talent, I don’t know? One thing I Do know, if you could bottle what he has it would fly off the shelves.


We sat down with Dimitris, obviously two metres apart, to find out what makes him tick.Dimitris Kapetanak

  1. Dimitris Kapetanakis, you are also known as DK, how did you get that name? It is the first two letters from my first name and surname and all my friends used to call me DK When I was a kid!
  2. What age were you when you became interested in music? I think I got the music buzz when I was around 15?
  3. As well as being a popular Greek pop singer, you are a songwriter and music producer, what do you enjoy more, performing, writing, or producing? Wow! That is a great question. I must be honest. Being in the studio gives my life meaning and creating the song from scratch is like a small miracle every time so the process of production will always be my first love but singing in front of my fans is also something that I really enjoy. You can’t beat the look on people’s faces when you perform.
  4. What type of artist would you class yourself? I am definitely a pop artist.
  5. A lot of artist have complained in the past how the X Factor has damaged the music industry, would you agree with that? I understand where some artists are coming from but no I don’t agree at all. Nowadays it’s the only path that an independent artist can follow in order to gain recognition about his work
  6. If you were offered the chance to go on The X Factor, would you? I don’t think that at this point of my career I would need something like this but never say never. I saw Jessie J won a singing competition in China, so Simon Cowell, be careful what you wish for.
  7. You have just released a new album, can you tell me about the album? My new album tells a story in every single song that’s why I made it half English and half Greek so I could reach more people around the world and tell them my story and how I see life and love .
  8. You are very popular in Greece, so why do you want to break the UK, and do you have plans to next break the USA? Music is everywhere and wherever is music I want to be too. I want the world to hear my music.
  9. Every album has that stand alone song that really stands out, what song on your album would you say stands out and which one are you most proud of? I am very proud about Hey! It’s one of my favorites. Also “king” is one of my favorites because I recorded it with my best friend who is also an artist Vasilis Anis !
  10. You have sold out venues in Greece and in the UK, if you could perform at any venue in the world where would it be and why? Wow, it has to be O2 arena! It is one of the best venues in the world! I can just see myself on the stage performing, it would be amazing.
  11. You have worked with the Grammy award nominee Milcho Leviev, how did that come about? It was a big honor for me to work with this jazz legend ! We did a song along with Sokratis Papaioannou and mr Leviev left his mark at the production with his touch and played the melodica!
  12. A lot of people have sad The Voice does not really support the artist on the show and none of the artists go on to break the charts, what is your opinion? I think it’s always at the artists hands to do something with the fame they gain through every music contest
  13. I read an article that said The Voice the children was taking advantage of young artists, would you send your children on that show and why do you think it is gaining so much bad press? I wouldn’t send my kids to any show because kids need to enjoy childhood without fame and all this that comes with it
  14. A lot of artists are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are you itching to get back on stage and perform your music? We are experiencing a new way of life at the moment. Once it is safe, I cannot wait to get back on stage. But, at the moment I just want people to be safe so we can beat COVID-19. Stay safe everyone.
  15. When you told your parents that you wanted to become an artist, what did they think and did they provide you with any advice? I had the full support from them and they always said to me to believe to my self
  16. A lot of young children who dream of becoming an artist are told to stop being silly and think about getting a proper job, what would you say to those children? Don’t listen to anyone and never give up on your dreams!
  17. Writing music is a real talent, can you explain your writing process? I always try to express my feelings. I sit at the piano and I leave my heart to get me to the melodies that I have inside so everything comes naturally and this is the best for me
  18. Your new album has receive a lot of positive feedback, how does that make you feel? I’m very happy that the first two singles had such a positive impact and I can’t wait to produce more songs for my fans
  19. So, what is next for you? More music more studio more life!


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