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AGON Talks About His New Song Life Road

The artist who previously released “Combat Life”, which gained huge exposure around the world, has now released a new track called Life Road. Just like the previous track the new track has excited AGON fans.

As you can see from his Combat Life and Life Road tracks, AGON is very versatile when it comes to music. His musical versatility is what makes him exciting, and why he gains so much attention around the world.

We decided to sit down with AGON and find out more about his new track and if being born in Russia had any influence on his music. This is what he had to say.


  1. First of all please introduce yourself

I was born in a small village in Russia. We had a big household, there was always a lot of work. From early childhood, I was engaged in sports.
It was something special for me I was continuously involved in from a young age, I went on to become a good sportsman in Boxing, Taekwondo and Kickboxing and managed to create a successful amateurs career from it.
And than I graduated from the University of Moscow with a degree in Economic Science, there I met my love and future wife.
We travelled and lived in a few countries before settling in the place they call home Slovakia.

  1. You have just released a new single, what can you tell me about it?

This track will expand on my lyrical abilities and skill of storytelling to bring fans into my mind and I hope it takes them on an unforgettable journey of life and enlightenment, while keeping a vibe over the beat.

  1. So what is the message behind the song?

This song should influence people to choose different paths and believe in their abilities to cultivate a positive change in their life. I believe that people will find my lyric flow as a positive and meaningful, as I actually aim to share deeper thoughts and stories with my audience.

  1. You wrote Life Road, so what I want to know is, what came first for you, the words or the music?

I do not have a clear rule or system that happens first. I want to create beautiful music, for example, now I have more finished bits more than thirty … There are moments when you want to share your definite history, my thoughts. I begin to choose which music is more suitable, and sometimes you just have to start creating music from scratch … every time in different ways.

  1. You say the song combines the energy of old-school hip-hop with the grit of the modern rap scene, what do you mean by that?

In this song you will find everything that is inherent in the real, in my understanding, rap style: a beautiful rhythm with interesting transitions, a change in the rate of flow, and most importantly, a true truthful story behind. I tried to make a beautiful mix styles.

  1. I want to talk about your background for a minute because this really does surprise me. You were Born and raised in Russia, now I am finding it hard to combine someone who was born in Russia and Rap music, how did you get into the sccene?

There is nothing surprising in this, there was always music in my sport! Believe me, it is necessary to feel a rhythm to be a good fighter! I never trained without music, I love different styles music, I love to dance, I love rap!

  1. Do you think your Russian background has had any influence on your music?

Regardless of nationality, we all experience ups and downs, everyone gets their life lessons. Our life is a book in which pages are written by your living day.

  1. Music is a powerful medium. Over the years it has helped to change public opinion on different topics, and it has helped to bring change including the many charity songs that have been released. Would you like to see your music bring more peace to the world?

This is definitely why I like the music. This is a very powerful force! Strength is responsibility. For my part, I would like my work to inspire people to a positive life, so that everyone can believe in themselves and continue to move towards their goals.

  1. We touched on how artists want more financial benefits for their music. Artists nowadays make their money through touring, so, can we expect you to start touring around the USA, and Europe?

Good question! I think time will answer, and most importantly, what people will say, whether they will like my work.

  1. If you could get together with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

First of all, I still have something to tell and share. If someone sees in my songs something really interesting for themselves and is ready for cooperation, why not if our views and desire to inspire people coincide!

  1. And lastly, there is always that song that an artist wished they wrote, so what is the song that your thoguht, I wished I wrote that?

At the moment, I already have 11 songs ready, music, lyrics. I am constantly working to improve them. I will try to publish a new song every month at least. I will say that almost each of them differ in their style of performance. I like trying something new, experimenting. I hope that each song can find its own audience.

Find out more about Agon and do not miss out Life Road, which is going to be available on the web from July 31, 2021.  Pre-save and follow the artist on Spotify:



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