Friday, January 21, 2022

Media Phone Hacking How Can You Stop From Being Hacked

When it was discovered that the voicemail of the murdered British teenager; Milly Dowler’s parents had been hacked into, phone hacking became a term on everybody’s lips. In 2011, a UK based tabloid newspaper was found guilty of hacking into phone systems of well-known people, including that of the Royal Family. Telephone hacking is the process of intercepting voicemails from a phone without the prior consent of the telephone’s owner. However, did you know you don’t have to be a celebrity to have your phone hacked into?

Phone hacking is becoming progressively widespread and is costing companies thousands of quid in unforeseen telephone bills. ‘Phreaking’ as it occasionally known, is carried out by hoaxers who hack into a telephone system, frequently at night-time or at weekends when it is least possible to be noticed, running up enormous costs for the unwary owners.

There are even websites devoted to telephone system hacking which is currently becoming large business for organised convicts rather than just a wheeze for internet nerds. These hoaxers know that most businesses protect their system PCs with anti-virus software and a firewall but when it comes to their telephone system businesses are frequently oblivious to the risks – until it is too late.

How Does It Happen?

The connection of a telephone system and continuing management of operators and additions is a test even without the day to day running of your organisation. Trivial tasks for example setting and altering voicemail PINs are frequently forgotten or persons choose a PIN that is easy to recall, and per se easy to guess. Hoaxers know this and casually and regularly dial into a telephone system, find a voicemail box that is not safe and dial out to anywhere they choose. They will sometimes use a system of phone structures to decrease detection rates and even if a strong system of altering voicemail PINs is in position the hackers might attack the structure via the distant diagnostic facility. Using software obtainable on the internet they can hack the manufacturing or constructor developer PINs in order to reprogram the PABX. Unluckily voice safety is a prevalent issue and we occasionally need to look inward at rogue members of staff who have been recognised to leak PINs to hackers.


Even though any telephone user may be targeted, for those who are well-known, rich or influential or whose prize is significant enough (for whatever motive) to dedicate time and funds to make a concentrated attack, there are genuine risks to face.

How Can It Be Stopped?

A speech firewall is an anti-fraud structure that screens dialled calls and automatically disconnects any predetermined unauthorised numbers. The firewall applies your guidelines, set to match your trade hours all day, daily, in and out of operational hours. You are up to speed, and can halt all calls or maybe at night-time and holidays allow calls to distinct numbers, backup services and staff household numbers. You can even limit the number of synchronised calls if required. The functionality of the telephone system and the system is upheld always for all extra calls.


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