Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Max Clifford Not Happy With Simon Cowell Over Unauthorised Biography

For years now Max Clifford has been working hard to keep Simon Cowell secrets out of the newspapers so it is no wonder Max Clifford is not happy with the X Factor boss for spilling his secrets to Tom Bower for an unauthorised biography.


In the celebrity world everyone knows that talking to Tom Bower is like shouting from the roof tops all your secrets so it was a shock to many people that Simon Cowell agreed to meet with Tom Bower and share his secrets to be published.

Max Clifford has said that he is disappointed that his client and X Factor boss Simon Cowell co-operated with Tom Bowers on his unauthorised biography, especially when he has been working hard to keep his secrets out of the media.

The unauthorised biography of Simon Cowell called The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell is being serialised in The Sun newspaper and details of the book has already sent shockwaves through the celebrity world with some celebrities worried they are going to be named in the book.

Dannii Minogue was angry and hurt that Simon Cowell decided to tell the author of their affair even though Sharon Osbourne has said the affair was no secret.

Max Clifford has confirmed Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue had an affair and said he worked hard to keep it out of the media.

He said on the This Morning Show: “I did it because I thought it was in his best interest. I’ve been involved with Simon for ten years and obviously you make your own decisions on these things, but I think that both of them didn’t want it to come out so I was happy to do my best to make sure it didn’t happen. And up until the book it didn’t happen.”

Phillip Schofield asked Max Clifford if the book has undermined all of his good work and he replied: “You’ve got one or two stories – there’s a hundred you haven’t got and hopefully you won’t have… but the fact of the matter is, my advice was, ‘Don’t talk to Tom’, because if you do people will think that you’ve worked with him on the book as opposed to him coming out with a book and you saying, ‘Well that’s Tom’s view of everything, but I’ve never spoken to him’.”

He continued: “In my view, Simon should have been in a position to say, ‘Look, this is nothing to do with me, I’ve never met the man, I’ve never spoken to the man’, and as I say, when you’re working with someone like Tom Bower, you know what he is out to do – you’ve only got to look at the books he’s written very successfully over the years.”

Max Clifford explained the book was not guess work and was the words of Simon Cowell

He said: “The big problem I’ve had with this is because a lot of it is from Simon’s own words, and this is a man who for ten years I protected and always was desperately, desperately keen to have a private life and keep his private life very private.”

Max Clifford told Phillip Schofield that he was disappointed in Simon Cowell.

The media expert said that a number of girls have already contacted him over relationships they have had with Simon Cowell and believes many girls will be contacting national newspapers to sell their stories.


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