Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Matt Damon Has A Go At President Barack Obama

Matt Damon has become well known for his honest opinions in recent months and once again US President Barack Obama is in the line of fire.

The Hollywood actor has hit out at the American President and said that Barack Obama has missed his opportunity to create a significant political change to help America become great.

Matt Damon helped campaign for President Obama but has since said he is disappointed and feels that the President has made no real changes.

The actor who was speaking to Elle said he felt that President Obama has let down his supporters.

Mat Damon told the magazine: “I’ve talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grass-roots level. One of them said to me, ‘Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politician’,”

“You know, a one-term president with some nerve who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better.”

Demon added: “If the Democrats think that they didn’t have a mandate – people are literally without any focus or leadership, just wandering out into the streets to yell right now because they are so pissed off. Imagine if they had a leader.”

It is not only the actor who has complained about the President and his term in office, other well-known actors as well as the people of America have said they expected more from Obama.

President Obama is hoping to win re-election but according to some political experts, there is a slim chance he will win a second term.

Would you vote President Obama in for a second term, let us know


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