Major Coronavirus Outbreak At Birmingham Asylum Seekers Hostel

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Birmingham City Council confirmed 56 people at the hostel have tested positive for coronavirus.

  • Birmingham residents not surprised at the Coronavirus outbreak
  • The Birmingham hostel will be closed down until further notice
  • Different agenices are working together to tackle the Birmingham hostel coronrivarus outbreak.


It has just been released that 56 people in a Birmingham asylum seekers hostel have tested for COVID-19.

Residents at the Serco-run Stone Road Asylum Centre have been told to find alternative accommodation in Birmingham as the hostel has now been closed until further notice.

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak a multi-agency response has been launched involving the council, Public Health England, the Home Office, the Home Office contractor Serco, and Urban Housing, a sub-contractor of Serco.

Local residents to the hostel who have complained about the lack of safeguards to combat COVID-19 have said they are not surprised at the outbreak.

One resident who did not wished to be named said: “We are not surprised so many people have been infected. The hostel is not properly run, and they have acted like COVID-19 is over.”

The Birmingham hostel has now been given a direction order which requires the owners to put in safeguards to combat the killer disease.

City Council leader Ian Ward said: “Contact-tracing is now also under way and is being carried out in the relevant languages of affected residents.”

With the increase in COVID-19 cases, those living in Birmingham fear they could be put into lockdown which would affect the local economy.


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