Monday, January 17, 2022

Lindsay Lohan Could Die Young Unless She Gets Off The Drink And Drugs

Lindsay Lohan is using drink and drugs to cope with her troubled life reports RadarOnline. According to friends of Lindsay Lohan the troubled Hollywood actress could die young unless she turns her back on the drink and drugs.


Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan recently said she had turned her back on her troubled life but within days of telling the world she was a changed woman, the actress was arrested over claims of assault. Now it seems the actress is giving her friends cause for concern after they have claimed she is using drink and drugs to cope.


A source told the online publication: “Lindsay is full of anger. She’s grown up in a false reality full of entitlement, ‘yes people,’ money and a family that enables her troubled behaviour,”


“The partying; the drinking and the drugs, it’s her way of trying to cope with her mounting legal and career woes. It’s like she’s purposely self-destructing.”


“Lindsay’s family life and failing career is no excuse for her behaviour, but she’s more than happy to use it as a crutch to act out.


“So far she’s been above the law in a sense, and without dire consequences she’ll continue to behave irrationally. When she drinks, which is daily at this point, she acts completely out of control and doesn’t care one bit who she’s hurting in the process.


“Nearly everyone in Lindsay’s life is concerned, big time, for her well-being. She’s literally going to kill herself if she continues on this wild path.”


Lindsay Lohan has been warned that she needs to turn her life around and stop getting into trouble before her career goes down the pan but friends have said she has more to worry about than her career, she has her life to think about and unless she changes then she could be the next celebrity victim to drink and drugs.


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