Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Katie Price Says Sorry To Kelly Brook After Fans Turn On The Reality Star

Kelly Brook receives an appology from Katie Price. We all know that Katie Price can be outspoken and basically has a big gob that speaks before it thinks but the reality star has gone a bit too far this time by having a go at Kelly Brook.

For the past week Katie Price has been having a go at Kelly Brook, now we are not sure if Katie Price is bored or if she is jealous of Kelly Brook being better looking and having a better career than her, or it could be that Katie Price is jealous that Kelly Brook is more popular than her, whatever the reason for her tantrums, fans of Katie Price as well as Kelly Brook are getting fed up with it.

The feud started when reality star Katie Price wrote in her newspaper column on February 8th, where she called the 33 year old model a “heffer”.

Kelly Brook got fed up with all the crude remarks and decided to get her own back on her first appearance as a captain on Celebrity Juice. The sexy model compared Katie’s behaviour to There’s Something About Mary’s aged and over-tanned character Magda.

Katie Price was not happy at being humiliated on national television and decided to post an unflattering image of Kelly which was taken back in 2008 where she was on a beach topless.

It seems a good night sleep, a lot of complaints by fans and a few words by associates close to Katie Price that the reality star has decided to say sorry to Kelly Brook.

She wrote: “@IAMKELLYBROOK I’m really sorry for what I’ve done you know I think you’re a natural beautiful girl we go back a long way so I’m sorry xx (sic)”

It has been claimed that Katie Price started the tantrums when she discovered that her former fling Danny Cipriani had got back with Kelly Brook.

Whatever the reason for the silly slanging match, it seems one thing has been learnt from the whole affair, Katie Price is not as popular as she once was and now people are getting bored with her spoilt tantrums.


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