Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Katie Price Hits Back At False Amy Willerton Model Claims

Katie Price was hoping her new venture with her modelling agency was going to take off and be a huge success but unfortunately for the ex-wife of Peter Andre and Alex Reid, her modelling venture has barely left the ground and has already had bad turbulence.

The winner of her television modelling competition, Amy Willerton has called the whole show and process a complete joke after becoming angry when the cameras stopped rolling.

Sexy Amy Willerton has said that the show has changed her life for the worse and all the promises made by Katie Price have not happened. Amy Willerton was so disgusted with what happened when the show finished filming that she refused point blank to sign her modelling contract with Katie Price and her modelling agency.

Amy Willerton who we are sure will be around for a long time with her sexy looks has claimed that a number of the prizes that were promised her on the Sky Living’s Signed By Katie Price have failed to materialise which is a bit embarrassing for Katie Price.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “I never expected overnight fame, but I don’t believe the promises from Katie or her team were kept. I gave up my job, was encouraged to turn down a place at university and had to put my life on hold.”

Katie Price Blacksheep Management which is run by her manager and her brother have tried to save face by claiming the story is not true. They claim that they could not concentrate on Amy Willerton career until the show was completely aired and at which point the model refused to sign her contact. A spokesman for Katie Price also claimed that the model refused to work with them on an exclusive basis, which was a requirement of the competition.

A statement read: “Amy is beautiful and bright and will doubtless have a number of opportunities, However, it was made clear to her that if she wanted to work with us she would need to do so on an exclusive basis and that we would not try to make quick money from her but build her a long and sustainable career.

“The point was not to recreate Kate – which would frankly be impossible – but rather to develop Amy into a long-term brand in her own right. Clearly this is not something that will happen overnight and would take considerable time and effort on our behalf… Naturally, with Amy refusing to agree such, it undermined our ability to manage her in the way envisaged. This was Amy’s choice.”

According to a spokesman for Blacksheep, they claim they had spent a lot of time and money on clearing up a couple of reputational issues.

“Raising her profile higher before these were dealt with would have exposed Amy to potential harm and as an agency we will not do that,” the company explained. “We need to make clear that we won’t disclose these issues which are no more than many young girls face when they are still a little immature.”

According to Blacksheep which we have to say fits the name of the agency very well with what Amy Willerton has claimed has happened to her have said:


“We have not broken promises to Amy regarding her prizes”

A spokesman has said they are very disappointed in Amy with her decision to talk to the press but said they were not surprised. They claim that Amy had changed from the girl they met while filming the show.

“Had she wanted to commit and allow us to manage her in line with the long-term vision that we had planned for her, then she would have been a success,” they suggested.

“Unfortunately she has people around her that think they know better. She has taken the short-term option of doing a story to slag off Kate, that’s fine – it is what a lot of people do to get five minutes of fame, but it is not the way to build a long-term career.”

Well if Amy Willerton is right in what she has said about Blacksheep then it looks like Katie Price maybe the only one on the books at the modelling agency with the way they have treated their first client.


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