Thursday, May 19, 2022

Katie Price Has Been Blamed For The Rise in Breast Implants

OK I can understand Katie Price being blamed for certain things in life like speaking without thinking, causing girls to wear maybe too much make up but come on, blaming Katie Price for the increase in women wanting breast implants, now that is stupid.

Women in the UK are trying to look their best but some women are being totally stupid by having breast implants when they do not need them and some women are going too far by having breast that are way too big and according to a plastic surgeon this is all down to Katie Price.

A report has said that there has been a rise in breast surgery by 10% in the past year with women wanting their breast to be larger than they are.

“There is the Jordan Syndrome, where some women want bigger and bigger breasts. The bigger they are, the more problems are likely to occur,” surgeon Douglas McGeorge told the sun.

“Some people have no idea who is treating them or the standards of the hospital equipment. Some breast implants are prone to failure. The cheap option is not always the best,” he added.

According to reports there were 206 breast enhancement disasters in 2010 with 153 of them being ruptures this is compared to 73 in 2006. Women who have had the surgery have complained about wrinkled breast, painful swelling and implants that go stiff.

Katie Price has her name on most things from books to perfume so maybe she should add her name to breast implants.

Do you think the rise in women wanting to increase their breast size is down to Katie Price, let us know below?


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