Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Katie Price Does Not Want To Look Like Jodie Marsh

Katie Price is training hard at the moment for her forth coming London Marathon in April where she hopes to beat her previous time. The model said that she is training twice a day and intends to increase her work outs to get herself as fit as possible and to put some muscle on but says she does not want to look like Jodie Marsh.

The former wife of Peter Andre who hit twitter last week after a blazing row with the singer said she wants to hit the gym hard..

“I’m training really hard,” she said over a cocktail last week. “I’m training morning and night doing CrossFit and I’ve already lost all my belly bloating and got abs. My legs are like rocks.”

Katie Price said that although she is training hard and wants to get some muscle she does not want to go down the Jodie Marsh route.

: “That’s one thing I’ll never be. Jodie’s ­looking amazing but, don’t worry, I won’t be doing that. It’s too manly.” Phew.

Katie Price responded to claims she was getting back with Peter

“It’s all b*******.” In a nutshell.


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