Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Katie Price And Peter Andre At War Again

Katie Price and Peter Andre were to be reunited for Christmas for the sake of their children where harmony was to happen but according to reports this reunion never happened and instead of harmony, war broke out and everyone ran to their bunkers.

It was reported that Katie Price and Peter Andre was growing closer and here at In2town we even reported how Katie Price wished her ex-husband Peter Andre good luck on his return to the jungle but now the truce has ended and war has broken out yet again and Katie Price is not holding back.

Instead of peace on earth the couple had a blazing row and then Katie Price returned to twitter to vent her anger.

Katie Price wrote on Twitter earlier: “How cruel is it when a man continues 2 threaten to tell your child your mother had postnatal depression when they were born and didn’t bond.

She added: “Some men are so 2 sided and cruel, Evil 2 some and act a god to others unbelievable.”

Peter Andre is shocked at the twitter claims and his spokeswoman said that his ex-wife claims on twitter were untrue. They told the Mirror Online that Peter would never hurt Junior in such a manner.

She said: “Peter would never hurt his children. He is a very good father and this is categorically not true.”

According to a friend of Katie Price, the former model is getting fed up of Peter.

Kate’s friend told Mirror Online: “Pete is constantly threatening to expose the reason he left Kate as if there was some great wrong doing. There was not and she has had enough. She knows she can look her children in the eyes and be honest with them.”


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