Tuesday, May 24, 2022

James Arthur Homophobic Remarks Causes Twitter Backlash

James Arthur Says Sorry Over Homophobic Remark


It seems James Arthur can happily comment on other artists and their careers but when it comes to another artists saying anything negative about him and his music, the X Factor winner does not like it.

James Arthur has spent weeks having a pop at Matt Cardle and it is not just Matt the outspoken singer has made nasty comments about, but when the tables were turned and an unknown rapper called Micky Worthless had a pop back, James Arthur did not like it.

When Micky Worthless mocked his career instead of being tight lipped, James responded by calling him a ‘f…ing queer.’ Leaving twitter users shocked.

According to sources, James only apologized after his management company got wind of what was going on.

James Arthur said: “I just have to say I’m extremely disappointed in myself for being so naive with the diss track I made for an unknown rapper recently.”

Although In2town does not believe for one minute that James Arthur is homophobic, we do believe his management and Simon Cowell need to explain to him that he needs to start acting like an adult instead of insulting other artists, they also need to let him know that getting to the top is a lot slower than the journey back to the bottom.
James Arthur spent an hour trying to get his followers back on side by apologizing and getting people to understand that he did not mean what he said, but it seems the singer could have lost a number of fans as not everyone accepted or believed his apology.
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