Saturday, May 28, 2022

ITV Want Simon Cowell Back On The X Factor

The new daddy of the showbiz world Simon Cowell has been told by ITV, ‘We Want You Back On The X Factor’. Simon Cowell who left the UK X Factor show to concentrate on the failed US version has been told by ITV bosses to come back full time to help boost ratings.

Simon Cowell and ITV are currently in negotiations over The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent with the contract for both shows finishing this year. ITV are adamant that they need Simon Cowell back at the helm of the X Factor after they have seen the show struggling for ratings.

The UK X Factor show has suffered in the ratings ever since Simon Cowell left the talent show, last years final which saw James Arthur take the crown brought ITV misery with the ratings being the lowest since 2006.

A source at ITV said: “We are hoping to get Simon Cowell back on board, if we have to move the show to a different time of the year then that could and would happen, to get the ratings back up we need Simon Cowell on board otherwise the X Factor could have an uncertain future.”

Some media experts have said that the X Factor is coming to the end of its shelf life while others have said that Britain’s Got More Talent is more popular than the X Factor which is coming to its tenth anniversary this year.

With the news that Louis Walsh is leaving the X Factor after this year, ITV are concerned that viewers will turn off next year unless Simon Cowell is back on board.

Simon Cowell who earns £100,000 per episode on the troubled US Factor has previously said that it would be impossible for him to do both the UK and the US X Factor, however ITV are looking at solutions where he could do both shows.

By Diane Walker


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