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Interview With Feeel Health About Their Multilingual Healthcare System

A new multilingual healthcare platform called Feel.Health has been credited for simplifying the process of finder a medical provider anywhere in Europe. But it’s more than that. It is a healthcare system that unites people from all over the world.

Feeel.health, allows a person to get instant access to a range of medical providers, tools, and services in their own language no matter what country they live in or are visiting. If a person is visiting another country for a holiday and they become unwell, they don’t have to worry about searching the Internet to find a medical provider. Feel.Health will find that provider within minutes.

The health care platform has been designed to allow a person to keep track of their health as well as details of their appointments with medical providers. They can also keep track of medication and learn how to live a better and healthier life.

Feeel.Health has streamlined the whole process of how we take care of ourselves, and how we store information about our health. At the moment the platform is available in ten languages but the people behind the platform are adding more languages.

Healthcare experts have said that Feeel.Health could become one of the most important and most used healthcare platforms in Europe. So we decided to speak to Feeel.Health and learn more about their platform.


  • You have just released a new medical service called Feeel.health, can you explain more about Feeel.Health?

Us, the Feeel team, believe that healthcare should be instant, accessible, free and universal. It is the first time when anyone can look for a medical provider, in their own language, from anywhere in Europe. This is why Feeel.health is offering, for the first time, a unified network of healthcare providers available at European level. Moreover, while the global medical environment is divided into hundreds of health platforms, Feeel.health standardizes health care services by offering instant access to a varied range of medical providers, tools and services, all in a single platform. 


  • Who is Feel Health aimed at?

Feeel.health is aimed at patients who are traveling to another country and need a pharmacy, clinic or a doctor, with scarce to no details concerning the destination’s medical system. Feeel is addressed to anyone choosing to maintain their health by prevention, developed to offer integrated health care solutions covering every situation, both for users in their own country or traveling.

Feeel is also addressed to medical providers, doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists, laboratories, pharmacies etc. Feeel offers visibility by bringing more patients and through medical marketing analysis tools, as well as other means of improving the quality of the services offered by health care providers.


  • Why would someone need to use Feeel Health?

First of all, it is free, user-friendly and very easy to use. As a patient, when creating an account it only takes 30 seconds, but you gain health management and prevention tools impacting your entire life quality.

As for medical providers, they gain visibility and access to insights on how to improve the quality of their services: https://feeel.health/en/register.


  • If I wanted to change doctors and wanted to find a doctor with good service and good reviews, will your service help me?

Feeel helps you find doctors and medical services through our intelligent search system. In order to keep reviews accurate, Feeel makes an analysis based on kindness, waiting times and patient recommendations. We consider that these three pillars represent a strong foundation for the global medical services’ environment analysis.

Feeel also analyzes hospitals through patient feedback and uses statistical and social algorithms to analyze the quality of health care in every city, region and country.

There are many more statistical and analytical functionalities of Feeel; a representative preview for the medical statistics integrated into the platform can be found here: https://feeel.health/en/charts.


  • A lot of medical professionals have been known to add false positive reviews to make their practice look better than it is, how do you combat that?

It’s a very good question to which the answer is an innovative and transparent review system, brought by Feeel.Health. First of all, the comments posted by users are only visible to the healthcare providers, with the ultimate goal to improve their medical services. This way, comments function as direct feedback not as reviews. Also, we ensure the accuracy of the reviews through a set of security measures, such as screening ratings and accepting only the ones posted by a valid patient account, after logging in. Also, only a validated account can be reviewed and no more than one validation can be done within 30 days, thus reducing spam. Feeel.Health offers analytical models to health care providers for seeing in real time what is happening with their account.


  • How does your platform differ from other medical platforms available?

Feeel.health is an innovation in the e-Health environment.

Our platform represents the whole medical system in one place, available worldwide, without language barriers. It uses intelligent algorithms developed by our team and it offers the first patient account based on an analytical infrastructure and focused on prevention. It’s through this very complex analytical system that Feeel aims to become an international unicorn.


  • When you were designing Feeel Health, what was the main aim?

We realized that the world is divided, that it has borders, that everyone should have access to health services. We realized that there is no global statistical data for the health environment.

Through Feeel, our ultimate goal is to unite the world and make it healthier. We aim to become the largest health platform in the world. Feeel.Health provides prevention recommendations, saves time, saves money, saves lives.

  • feeel.health platofmrWhat are the main features of your platform?

First of all, it is easy to access, and it is free. A beta version is currently available in Europe, and we plan to launch it internationally.

The Feeel.health platform is intended to be accessible by anyone, from anywhere.

For patients, the main features encompass an integrated medical history, a complex monitoring health and prevention system, and the ability to find any medical services anywhere in the world.

For medical professionals, Feeel brings real-time access to patients’ integrated medical history, an appointment system as well as a complex monitoring and prevention system.

For healthcare providers, Feeel offers an integrative platform, a Big Data generator and aggregator, thus bringing a more accurate understanding of the human health and added value to the global healthcare environment.

  • Which features do you feel will be mostly used by patients?

Patients are already using the system for finding any medical services they need, anytime, anywhere.

We designed specific features for patients, such as the ability to store their medical records, set-up reminders for upcoming appointments or medication they need to take.

Patients can also benefit from the prevention system we developed, which includes annual appointment reminders and tools for monitoring cardiovascular risk and the body mass index.

Another feature is the option of saving medical providers to favorites, in order to browse through them quickly and find them all in only one place.


  • Why would medical professional use your platform?

The future is eHealth and Feeel.Health is already there. Healthcare professionals need online exposure, patient feedback, online appointment systems as well as analytical systems.

Medical professionals require to be able to promote their medical services, to have a connection with patients and the much-needed tools to improve their business.

With Feeel.Health medical providers save time, have the ability to quickly gain more patients, improve their revenue streams and at the same time improve the quality of their medical services.

  • free feeel healthWhat plans do you have for the future of Feeel Health?

Feeel.Health was created to be the first international platform that offers instant online healthcare, anywhere in the world, in all languages.

Soon we will launch the mobile app that will include biometric data, acquired through the phones’ operating system and imported to the patient’s account.

This way we will be able to increase the level of prediction on potential diseases. The quality measurement features will soon be developed and afterwards we will launch the world’s first TripAdvisor for health care, based on patient ratings.

Each clinic, doctor, hospital, albeit all medical practitioners in the platform, will be evaluated annually and based on their scores they will receive the Feeel.Health stamp to display publicly, as a certification of their trustworthiness and professionalism.


To learn more about Feeel.Health and why it is a must used healthcare platform, please visit http://www.feeel.health/


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