Thursday, May 19, 2022

In2town Holiday Magazine Warn Against Egypt Holidays

With all the troubles that are happening in Egypt and the large number of pointless deaths that have taken place this week including the talented Sky Camera man, Mick Deane, 61, as well as the temporary Egyptian government declaring a state of emergency, In2town Holiday magazine is warning UK holidaymakers who have booked a holiday to Egypt to cancel their holiday and speak to their travel agent.

The foreign office has warned the thousands of British holidaymakers who are currently in Egypt to say in their hotel grounds as the violence continues. The holidaymakers in resorts such as the popular Red Sea holiday destination have been told not to venture out of their hotel complex as the country looks like it is going into civil war.

Thomas Cook have taken action by cancelling day trips for their holidaymakers who are currently in Egypt but unfortunately they have not gone that step further by stopping holidaymakers from going to Egypt.


A spokesman for Thomas Cook has said they will continue to fly their customers to the popular Red Sea destinations which they have said is some distance away from the current troubles.

There are currently around 40,000 holidaymakers in Egypt and over the past 24 hours In2town has been receiving a large number of emails from worried holidaymakers who are currently in the troubled country.

Susan Miles from Manchester said: “We are not in Cairo, we are at the Red Sea Holiday Village but we are still worried. We have been told not to leave the resort although on the other hand we are told we are perfectly safe. I have spoken to a number of fellow guests here who feel worried, we are concerned that the trouble will reach where we are. This has really spoilt our holiday and I wished I listened to my husband who said we should of canceled the holiday.”

Paul Johnson from Liverpool said: “I came with my brother for a nice relaxing holiday but now we are both on edge, we have only been here for a couple of days and we are looking at booking a flight to get home early as we have another ten days left of our holiday. People are scared, everyone I have spoken to have said they are not enjoying their holiday.”

Mike Walker from Sheffield said: “I spoke to a barman and he told me how ashamed he was of his country, he said the army should be ashamed of themselves. The bar man has said that the troubles will put off tourist coming to his country which means high unemployment.”

In2town Holiday Magazine is warning holidaymakers from the UK who are heading out to Egypt to speak to their travel agent and see if you can have your holiday moved to another destination, we are also advising people who are thinking of booking a holiday to Egypt to think again as know one is sure how long the troubles will continue.

The violence in Cairo is a huge blow for the country that relies on tourism, according to a source at Thomson, there has been a huge drop in bookings for Egypt holidays for this year and 2014 which is bad news for travel agents and the tourism industry of Egypt.

At the present moment there is a curfew of 7pm to 6am local time and experts have said that the state of emergency will last at least a month and could last a lot longer.

Thomson have also said they will continue to fly to their popular Egypt destination but we feel that customers should ask their travel agent to change their holiday.

By Diane Walker


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