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How To Become A German In 61.2 Minutes – A Comedy Show In Munich Not To Be Missed – Mel Kelly

Remember the days of the popular comic Stan Boardman who became a legend for his “The Germans Bombed Our Chippies”, well now there is a new comedy show which has become the talk of Munich about German People.


For those living in or visiting Munich which is a beautiful destination and very easy to get to, then you must visit the Shamrock Pub, Trautenwolfstraße 6, 80802 München where you will come across one of the most talked about Irish comics called Mel Kelly. The Irish comedian who moved to Munich from Ireland back in 2003 is making people laugh with his new show How To Become A German In 61.2 Minutes.



The show which looks at the comedy element of German people’s lives has been described as one of the funniest shows of 2019. It’s attracting local people and people visiting Munich for their holidays. The audience include English people, and people from Ireland, USA, Canada, China, Croatia and of course from Germany.


The previous shows have been completely sold out, but don’t worry as there are still shows available which includes Friday 14th and 28th June 2019.


The comedian who said even German people could learn about themselves explained more about his show: “Since moving to Munich I have noticed many comical things about the great German people which I share in my show. I’ll be telling funny stories about people I’ve met and the things I have seen.”



We decided to find out more about Mel Kelly and his comedy show, so we paid him a visit and asked him a couple of questions.



1.                  “How to become German in 61.2 minutes” is a successful English comedy show in Germany, can you tell me more about the show?


I came to Germany for 6 months and after 16 years I’m still here. There are many cultural differences that I have noticed. These are a great source of humor for me. However, over time, these differences are becoming smaller for me. Maybe I too am becoming a little German after all this time!


2.                  The show has gained huge exposure, why do you feel reviewers have called it one of the best English comedy shows of 2019?


Maybe they are calling it the best English comedy show in Germany as it is the only one they have attended  Seriously though, the show is based on real life experience here in Germany which both the locals and the expats here can identify with and laugh about it.


3.         Everyone knows that German people love their sausage, beer, and their cars, but are they really that much different from English people?

Well I don’t know so much about English people, as I’m from Ireland. And yes, many German people love their sausage, beers and cars. Doesn’t everyone?


4.                  There are lots of jokes about German people putting towels on sunbeds while on holiday in France and Spain, but what is the biggest joke German people have about the English?


Again, being from Ireland I don’t worry too much about the English. But I can say that many Germans are very fond of many English things like the Queen, afternoon tea. And of course, Brexit! 


5.                  What topics do you cover in the comedy show?


I cover the everyday topics like going to work, learning the language, some of the German virtues and indeed some of the darker German secrets! You will need to come to the show to find out what these are.


6.                  You were born in Ireland but moved to Munich in 2003, why did you decide to make the big move, and do you cover that in your comedy show?


In 2003 I lost my job in Ireland, and I didn’t want to end up starving on the street or end up in a table dancing club. Actually, nobody wanted me in a table dancing club, so I was sent to Germany to get a job.


7.                  Since moving to Munich, what is the biggest observation you have made about German people?


Probably the biggest difference I’ve noticed about the Germans is that they speak German 

After that, they are very similar to most other people I’ve met.



8.         Do you plan on taking your comedy show on tour?



9.         Theresa May will soon be looking for a new job, can you recommend any jobs in Germany she could apply for?


I think Theresa May will be looking for a holiday after all the stress she has been through recently.


10.       If you could choose to perform your show anywhere in the world where would it be and why?


Switzerland and Austria. They have a close relationship/rivalry with Germany and would enjoy the humor.


11.       Can your fans expect to see your show coming to the UK any time soon?


My show in the UK? I thought they were leaving Europe. Will it still be possible to travel there? 



For more information on the show, please visit


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