Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Fancy Travelling The World Like A Superstar – You Could Be Possible Thanks To WhoZHott

Millions of people wake up each morning wishing they had a different and better life, a life where they have no money troubles, and where they could travel the world in first class. Many of those people wish they could become a celebrity or a superstar just like Justin Bieber or One Direction; well now it could happen if you have a talent.

Forget the likes of The X-Factor and American Idol, or even America’s Got Talent, a new online talent competition from WhoZHott is aiming to help people get noticed and become a superstar by showcasing their talent.

WhoZHott will be launching one of the biggest online talent competitions in the world, where they are looking for people with real talent. The competition which will happen on a weekly basis will provide people with the exposure they need to succeed in their dreams of becoming a superstar.

The competition which has a weekly prize of between $150-$200 and will take place on Instagram has become one of the most talked about online talent competitions of 2017. Although the prize money may not be that of television contests, what makes up for the small prize is the exposure people will receive, especially if they win.

The WhoZHott talent competition is being watched by record label companies, movie producers, talent scouts for commercials, TV shows, which in itself is one great reason to enter the competition. Justin Bieber was spotted online and look where he is now; this is what could happen to those that enter the WhoZHott talent competition.

A spokesman for WhoZHott said: “Our competition will give people real exposure. By entering and showcasing their talent on our social media platforms, they could gain the big break they have been waiting for.”

To enter is simple. All a person has to do is to record a one minute video of their talent, and each week WhoZHott will select the top ten best talent and feature all ten videos on Instagram. The winner will be determined by who has the most likes by the end of the week. Once the winner has been picked, the video will feature on different social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

WhoZHott has exciting plans ahead where in 2018 they are launching their fun and innovative website. The site will consist of 15-20 different contest categories for all kinds of talent. These include competitions for the best dancer, singer, rapper, clothing designer, the funniest comedian, the best guitar player, celebrity look alike, tattoo artist, and much more. So, keep your eye out for the new site, and if you have got talent, then WhoZHott is the site to visit to showcase that talent.

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