Tuesday, May 24, 2022

EasyJet flight diverted From Manchester Airport to eject drunken football fan

An EasyJet flight on Sunday from Moscow to Manchester carrying Russian football fans of CSKA Moscow to Manchester for the big game against Manchester United, had to divert to Copenhagen when a drunken passenger caused distributions to other passengers on board the plane.

A drunken passenger and six of his friends started to worry passengers when there drunken behaviour got out of control which included pushing cabin crew. As soon as the captain was made aware of the incident he felt the plane was in danger and quickly diverted to Copenhagen where he asked for the police to be on standby.

The CSKA Moscow football fans who were escorted off the plane by police in Copenhagen complained at the way they were treated.

A spokesman for EasyJet confirmed the incident and said the safety of their passengers and crew were their highest priority.


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