Thursday, January 20, 2022

David Walliams Makes Fun Over Simon Cowell Baby News

Who would have thought it, Simon Cowell keeping a lady long enough to get her pregnant, well it is not only In2town who are shocked at the news, most of Simon Cowell’s friends are shocked the X Factor judge is to become a dad.

David Walliams has been poking fun at Simon Cowell over the news that he is having a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, who is the wife of one of his closest friends.

The comic turned to Twitter and said: For the record @SimonCowell and I tried to have a baby together for many years. But I just couldn’t get pregnant.

Simon Cowell recently revealed that he was rethinking about not having children and was coming around to the idea that one day he could become a dad, it seems that day is coming but will Simon Cowell have the X Factor when it comes to being a father?
The X Factor judge has said he would love a little girl, so fingers crossed Simon

Cowell revealed in an interview earlier this year that he was softening his stance on having children, commenting: “I do like kids, I’m just not sure I’d be any good for the first six months.

“I don’t think I’d adopt because I’d rather have my own. I’d have to say I’d like a little girl.”

Cowell’s representatives have told Digital Spy that recent developments are a “sensitive issue” and are passing on calls to his US legal team.


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