Saturday, May 28, 2022

Dannii Minogue Angry Over Simon Cowell Affair Revelation

Simon Cowell has shocked fans over reports in his autobiography that he had an affair with former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue but they are not the only ones who are shocked. Dannii Minogue is not just shocked that Simon Cowell has told the world they had an affair in 2007, she is very angry and cannot believe that he has revealed something so private.

There is a saying a close source to Dannii Minogue said, “A gentleman never tells, but it seems Simon Cowell is no gentleman after he has revealed to the world his affair.”

The book reveals that Dannii Minogue became the target of Simon Cowell when she appeared on the X Factor, and according to the book he became very attracted to her and fell in love with her.

There were a number of rumours about the affair but these rumours vanished with Simon Cowell being a very powerful man when it comes to the media. The first rumour started when he and Dannii were spotted holding hands after leaving the BBC Studios after Children in Need.

According to the book, Simon Cowell also wanted to sleep with Natalie Imbruglia but failed in his attempt to woo her.

The book also revealed that he wanted an affair with Cheryl Cole but that never worked out as well which shows the X Factor judge is not as good with the ladies as he may feel he is.



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