Saturday, May 28, 2022

Dancing and Sexing Singer Says One Direction Should Work with American Artists


One Direction, who were put together on the UK X Factor show, have become the world’s biggest boyband. However, American Artist Woodson Michel, who has just released his latest single, Dancing and Sexing (, says American One Direction fans would love to see the lads duet with some American Artists.

Woodson Michel is not the only person who believes the boys from One Direction should get over to America and record an album with some American Artists. According to One Direction fans on Twitter, Woodson Michel is not alone. Music fans on the social media network have said by working with singers and producers from America, it could give One Direction one of the best album’s of all time.

The Dancing and Sexing singer said: “I think One Direction has a great range of audience that they still have yet to touch. Indulging into other types of style would be a great move.”

One Direction, who has yet to release a single with a fellow artist, could generate a whole new generation of fans by working with American Artists, according to music experts. The boyband who were reduced to four members at the NRJ Music Awards after Louis Tomlinson became ill could touch the hip-hip and soul market to make an exciting album.

Woodson Michel, who would not hesitate to work with the boys, has just released a video to his newly released song Dancing and Sexing Singer ( The video has been described as one of the hottest music videos around, with one of the hottest songs to accompany it.

The Dancing and Sexing Singer, who has gained fans from all over the world, has been described as one of the most exciting new talents to emerge from America. The singer who did not need American Idol or The X Factor to get noticed on the world stage makes sure he brings out music that will appeal to a wider audience. His latest song has been described as baby making music, although Woodson Michel has said he does not want to be blamed for any unplanned pregnancies.

To listen to Woodson Michel new song Dancing and Sexing and to watch the video, please visit


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