Thursday, May 19, 2022

Cruise Companies Selling Cheap Holidays To Safe Guard Profits

Good news for our readers, Cruise companies are finding it hard and it is not surprising with some of the prices that they are charging. According to a recent report that has shown the passenger numbers are down for the majority of cruise liners, the prices for cruise holidays are now becoming cheaper.

The prices in 2013 compared to 2008 are 22% down which is great news if you are trying to grab yourself a bargain this year.

Cruise companies are hoping by offering cheaper holidays they can increase the numbers on their cruise ships and increase the amount the passenger will spend on board.

The average cruise holiday five years ago was £1,600 per person but now you can grab a cruise vacation for around £1,248 per person.

One of the problems that we are seeing with reference to cruise holidays is the money that people need to take with them. We have heard many stories from our holiday news readers who have said they were shocked when they got on board.

First time cruise passengers want holiday companies to be more open with what you have to spend on board the cruise ship, this has become one of the biggest problems when booking a holiday on board a cruise ship, but it seems a problem that cruise companies are not interested in tackling.


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