Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cleethorpes Pleasure Island to reopen within weeks

Cleethorpes Residents were shocked with the closure of Cleethorpes pleasure Island on the 14th April fearing this could be another nail in the coffin for Cleethorpes Tourism. In2town Grimsby News however is glad to report that the popular Cleethorpes tourism attraction could be reopen in a matter of weeks.

Over 200 staff that worked at Pleasure Island were handed letters on the 14th April as they arrived for work, informing them that they no longer had a job and the attraction was closed until further notice. It was not only staff who were shocked at the parks closure, tourist who had travelled from all over the country to experience Pleasure Island were told that they had a wasted journey as the park was closed with no information when the park would be reopened.

After all the confusion and all the secrecy behind the closure of Cleethorpes Pleasure Island, In2town Grimsby News can now informed residents that the popular tourist attraction could not be open within weeks after we have learned that the manager director of Pleasure Island and Flamingo Land is currently in discussions to take over Pleasure Island breaking away from the family business.

Mrs Woods has made a statement saying that the park will be open shortly once the negotiations have been finalised.

Residents have been relieved at the news and are now hoping that the season attraction could now be turned into a year long attraction to help with the tourism for the area.


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