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Cheap Spain Holidays Give You More For Your Money

Holidays In Spain Are Better Value Than Other Holiday Destinations


Cheap holidays in Spain give you more for your money. Thanks to the UK government failing to stop the increase in high energy bills and failing to deal with the huge unemployment problem and the increase in the cost of living, spare money for family holidays is becoming a huge problem and that is why more families are on a tight budget when it comes to their annual holiday. According to a recent report, Spain holidays have become the best value for families looking for a quality holiday at a price they can afford.

If you are looking for a family holiday at a price that will not break the bank then Spain is the answer according to new research. The research has found that Spain offers you more for your money than other holiday destinations around the world.

The Post Office who done the research on the best value holidays found that Spain has become the best holiday destination for a cheap relaxing break, beating 42 other cheap holiday destinations.


‘Spain Become The Number One Destination For Cheap Holidays

Post Office head of travel money Andrew Brown commented: “There are growing signs that UK holidaymakers now check the value of sterling and the costs they face in overseas resorts before booking.

“The destinations which benefited last year were those where the power of the pound put more money in the pocket or where the price of meals and drinks meant holiday cash stretched further – and often a combination of the two,” he noted, adding that 2013 is likely to see a continuation of this trend.

Spain is also becoming a popular holiday destination due to its short flight time which allows family members to be at their holiday destination and relaxing at their pool within three hours of leaving the UK.

By Diane Walker


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