Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cheap Flights to Alicante Beats The Credit Crunch

Cheap Flights to Alicante from £49 helps beat the Credit Crunch as well as saving families a great deal of money. Many families could not afford to book a holiday in 2011 with High Street Travel agents being left with thousands of unsold holidays but with Cheap Flights to Alicante becoming lower, 2011 will see families get their holidays back. With Cheap Flights to Alicante being as low as £49 inc taxes and hotels being as low as £30 a night if booked direct on the internet families who suffered last year will be able to enjoy their annual summer holiday again.

‘Cheap Holidays In Alicante’



Even though High Street travel agents were left with thousands of unsold holidays last year it seems that the travel agents are not learning their lesson this year. Instead of reducing their prices to help families find a cheap package holiday, some high street travel agents have increased their prices to help increase their profits after having a poor performance in 2010.

Families are now turning to the internet to grab themselves a bargain by booking cheap flights for as little as £49 and booking hotels direct where they can save hundreds of pounds.

Even though high street travel agents are aware more and more of their customers are now booking their own package holiday online, it seems the high street travel agents are taking a gamble and hoping their clients will come back without giving them any incentive to become loyal customers.

At a time when people need to save money, the high street travel agent should be looking to reduce their prices to help bring their customers back but unfortunately the travel agent bosses seem to have thrown common sense out of the window.

Travel Agents are their worst own enemy as they have helped their potential customers learn how to save hundreds of pounds by booking holidays online and by creating their own package holiday. Some families can save up to £1,600 for a family of four by booking their own flights and their own hotels online, helping the average have a cheaper holiday while keeping the same quality.


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