Friday, January 21, 2022

Brighton Pet Centre A Coombs Urges Dog Owners To Brush Up On Their Dental Care

Just like you, and me dogs need to look after their dental care to avoid serious dental problems. Dental disease according to Brighton leading pet store, A Coombs, is one of the most common diseases that affects dogs. The good news is serious dental problems can be prevented with routine dental care.


A spokesman for Brighton Pet Centre who also have an online pet store said: “When a dog has dental disease, it can cause a serious pain in their mouth which can then trigger health problems around the body. This can include, the liver, heart valves, and the kidneys.”


A Coombs, who celebrate their 80th anniversary this year, are advising dog owners to brush their dog’s teeth to prevent dental disease.


The best way to keep dogs teeth healthy is by brushing them each day. If teeth brushing was introduced as a puppy then it will become normal to them, however, teeth brushing can be introduced at any age.

Dog Owners should be aware of the signs of possible dental disease, which include the following:

  • halitosis (bad breath)
    ·         yellow/brown teeth
    ·         red or bleeding gums
    ·         food falling from the mouth when eating
    ·         lack of interest in food
    ·         weight loss
    ·         rubbing the face with a paw, or along the ground
    ·         drooling and difficulty in swallowing

    If you notice your dog with any of the above then it is important to contact your local vet for an appointment.


For products on keeping your dog healthy please visit the A Coombs Brighton Pet Centre, or visit




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