Saturday, May 28, 2022

BioUrn a Handmade, A Biodegradable Cremation Urn for Pets

My Eternal Family Tree, and Lisa Brambilla are pleased to announce the launch of the BioUrn. The BioUrn is a handmade, biodegradable cremation urn that combines a pet’s ashes with soil and a seed, to grow a memorial tree.

According to Lisa Brambilla, “My Eternal Family Tree was formed after the loss of our beloved pet. After collecting her ashes from the vet we realized the need to “close the circle” with her remains and desired to do so in a loving and respectful manner. We hope you see BioUrn as the ideal way to create a loving, living tribute to your pet, while giving back to the earth.”

BioUrn is designed to recognize the needs of earth conscious consumers, who are looking for “green” ways to help the planet while memorializing their beloved companions. BioUrn celebrates the human – animal bond, with a living memorial tree that pays tribute to beloved family members who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The BioUrn kit comes complete with everything needed: BioUrn, cotton cremains bag, soil, seedbead and a stainless steel marker. Even small children can participate in choosing and planting from the variety of trees and shrubs, selected from the USDA grow zone guide. “Remember me with a tree” is a loving living reminder of the love shared with four-legged family members.

Learn more about BioUrn by visiting the web pages at today.


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