Friday, January 21, 2022


  • George Floyd Bill: A Bill that makes it a federal crime for law enforcement agents to cause injury or death to any man or woman

Anne Smith, a versatile yet erudite social commentator who is known for her activism, is now sending a new bill to US congress. The new bill, which is titled The George Floyd Act, is aimed at making any act of violence committed by any law enforcement employee at any and every level of government, a federal crime punishable. This is necessary after the uprising that arose in Minneapolis and other parts of the US due to the cold murder of George Floyd, a black American citizen.

In order to forestall a repeat of such unwarranted and senseless killing of any citizen by a law enforcement agents, regardless of color, status, financial standing the George Floyd bill is proposed  by Anne Smith to include any acts of violence committed with the use of deadly force which causes any mental trauma, physical trauma, bodily harm or death to a civilian. Anne Smith is also the founder of IRON Sharpens IRON.

I became a social activist to bring justice back into the justice system. The justice system is currently rotten to the core, and it’s time for real change now. No more empty rhetoric. Do not let the memory of what happened to George die down or his death will be in vain,” said Anne Smith.

Furthermore, with the Gorge Floyd Act in place, any law enforcement, whether while on duty or off duty caught contravening any of the listed terms, will be subject to the terms of violations of the George Floyd Act. A copy of the bill can be downloaded on, and it can be seen on YouTube,

The aim of this Act is to ensure that all US citizens have equal and unrestricted access to public protection. The George Floyd Act is also designed to ensure public safety of all people when there is a police interaction with a focus on the extreme protection of indigenous, aboriginal and indigent people. Anne Smith also proposes immediate dismissal of any officer or employee who contravenes George Floyd Act. Any culpable law agent who violates George Floyd Bill will be dismissed without any pay or compensation and suffer the loss of any and every work-related pension funds within 24 hours. The bill proposes:

  • Any acts of violence by law enforcement agent that causes any bodily harm or death shall be a criminal offence
  • The bill shall become law immediately after it is passed in to law
  • Immediate arrest of the officer involved pending investigation within 24 hours.
  • Immediate release of the police report within 24 hours
  • If the report contains any false statements, the violator will be required to pay $10,000 for each false statement to the victim or survivors of the victim.
  • Loss of pensions for culpable officers
  • The county prosecutor must file charges within 48 hours of the arrest to comply with speedy trial.
  • If the county prosecutor fails to file charges within 48 hours, they shall be replaced.

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