Saturday, May 28, 2022

Airline Companies Ripping Off Passengers With Sky High Prices

It seems like you cannot trust anyone nowadays. When you go on holiday abroad sometimes you expect to get ripped off by some of the shops, you do not expect to start getting ripped off while you are up in the air by your holiday company or by a low cost airline, but it seems that it just what is happening with some airlines charging more than 400% than your local supermarket on products they sell you.

According to a new survey airlines are making a huge profit up in the air while charging as much as 433% on products from a can of coke to a can of Red Bull.

It seems that low cost airlines and your travel companies have no problems in overcharging their customers, well lets face it, while you are up in the air and you feel thirsty or hungry, where else are you going to go. However, there is such a thing as taking advantage of their customers and it seems airlines such as Ryanair, Flybe, and Thomas Cook are doing just that.

In a supermarket you would pay 22p for a 330ml bottle of water, however on board a aircraft you would be paying £1.80 and a bar of chocolate for the kids would cost you just 25p in a high street shop while on board an EasyJet flight you best dip into your holiday savings as it would cost you a shocking £1.20.

Also in the firing line is Flybe who charge you £1.60 for a can of Pepsi where you could buy the same product in a supermarket for just 30p and lets not forget Monarch, they will charge you £2.75 for a packet of Haribo Starmix where you would pay just £1 in Asda.

We expected better from Thomas Cook especially when they are trying to get their customers back but they are just as guilty of overcharging, They are charging their customers £2.50 for a can of Red Bull which would cost you 67p in a supermarket and lets not forget about Thomson, they are charging £1.60 for a can of Coca Cola which would cost you 30p in the supermarket, that is a shocking 433 per cent profit compared to the profits that supermarkets make.

So if you feel you are going to get hungry while up in the air, do not get ripped off, buy your food in the airport and stop paying these sky high prices.

By Diane Walker


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