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AFAM ELUE, A Toronto Based Business Consultant And Long-time MMA Fan, Salutes KAMARU USMAN On Becoming The New UFC Welterweight Champion Of The World

Toronto business consultant Afam Elue said he is thrilled with Kamaru Usman becoming the first African champion in the UFC.


AFAM ELUE, a business consultant in Toronto  was gripped to the screen along with others in the diaspora community, rooting for the Nigerian-American Kamaru Usman  fighting for the UFC welterweight belt against reigning champion Tyron Woodley. The Toronto based businessman commented on how impressive it was to see Usman dominate Woodley with superior grappling, from bell to bell in all 5-rounds, to win the belt.


Kamaru Usman won the mixed-martial arts bout against American Tyron Woodley during the fight that took place on Saturday night (March 2nd,2019), in Las Vegas.. Afam Elue explains that MMA is a fast-growing sport which combines boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, wrestling to name a few, and this fight card was one of the best he has seen in recent years.


While many believed Woodley would win the fight, judging from the betting odds, Afam Elue said he was always confident in Kamaru’s Olympic level wrestling skills.


“From a business perspective, I expect that this win for an African martial artist introduces more fans to sport. And I hope the numbers make sense for the UFC , to see an event hosted on the continent one day..


Afam says he is proud of Kamaru’s achievements -from being an accomplished wrestler to winning his season of The Ultimate Fighter, and now UFC Welterweight Champion. This should inspire people on what can be achieved when you believe in yourself, work hard to develop your God-given abilities, and always surround yourself with good people. AFAM says NIGERIAN born KAMARU is the first African to win a UFC belt and that is a BIG DEAL. AFAM ELUE predicts that there will be two AFRICAN UFC champions this year, citing the upcoming bout between rising MUAY THAI sensation- ISREAL ADESANYA and KEVIN GASTELLUM at UFC 236 in April 2019.


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About Afam Elue

Afam Elue is a Business Director at The Fugleman Group. He was educated at Harvard University and is a keen fan of martial arts.




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