Saturday, May 28, 2022

A New Beach Safe Product Launched To Keep Valuables Safe While On The Beach – Koz Safe

We have all been there, visiting a beach either at home or abroad and worrying about what to do with our valuables such as wallets, watches and keys when we want to go for a swim. It’s no wonder we are worried, especially with news that crime on beaches around the world is on the increase. Now, a product which has been invented by Mark Szrenko from Australia and claims to keep valuables safe from crime has been reviewed by In2town.

So, what is that product and does it really work? Well! The product which is a beach safe is called Koz Safe, and the answer to does it work is yes. A criminal looking to steal valuables would struggle to find those valuables when a person uses the Koz Safe. If they did manage to find it, then trust me, they would have to be very strong or a magician to get into the safe or walk away with it.

IMG 20190525 151903 056It would take a criminal 200kg of lifting force with a powerful grip to get it out of the sand. That is why so many security experts are impressed with Koz Safe.

The beach safe is so easy to use and within two minutes those using it can have their valuables safe from criminal activity. The way it works is the Koz Safe is screwed into the sand. Once it is screwed into the sand, it is hidden from preying eyes. It can hold lots of items like sunglasses, keys, money, and so much more. Don’t worry about it being near water as this beach safe is aterproof which is another reason why it stands out.

Beach Safe ProductThe product, which is available for $54, and can be purchased from anywhere in the world has been described as the best beach safe product on the market, and after reviewing it we have to agree. Unlike other beach safe products on the market, if a criminal did find it hidden in the sand then they would have no chance in walking away with it.

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