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Reformas Online Zaragoza Talks About Adding Value To A Property

Reformas Online Zaragoza who are based in Spain have become a leading expert in remodelling a home. There services include renovating the inside of the property as well as inside, which includes the kitchen, the lounge, and the bedrooms.

The Spanish remodelling company understand not everyone’s budget is the same, and that is why they offer advice and put a plan of action in place to remodel a home no matter what budget a person has. The way they transform a property is magical, and best of all, they help people to add value to their property.

We decided to sit down with the team at Reformas Online Zaragoza and find out how to add value to a property and which rooms in a property should be updated.


  1. As a remodeling expert, I think the most important question to ask is, If I wanted to add value to my property, which is the most important room in the home to have remodeled?

The reform of the living room is one of those that requires more work and more money (not counting the kitchen and bathroom reforms). This is so because it is usually the largest space in the house and the place where we spend the most time. The most important thing is that it is perfect and comfortable and cozy.


  1. A lot of people say that the kitchen and the bathroom sells a house when a person puts it on the market, would you agree with that?

The kitchen is one of the first rooms that are usually reformed when you want to sell a home. It is true that it is necessary to assess the outlay necessary for a reform in conditions, but in the long run it usually pays off.

As we have already indicated, one of the most common reforms has to do with opening the kitchen to the dining room, but we can also take advantage of it to update the appliances or countertops.

As for the reform of the bathroom, the most common is to change the bathtub for a shower tray and, in general, renew the aesthetics of the same to make it more attractive.

Reformas Oniline Zaragoza

  1. So, if I was going to put my property on the market next month, and my home was not modernised, and I wanted to try and get a quick sale without dropping the price, and I was working to a budget, what work should I have done on the property and what budget should I work with?

Here are some of the solutions that work best:

– Remove excess furniture and everything that overloads the spaces (once the heirs have recovered what they want).


– Paint white


– Clean thoroughly


– Change the color of the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms when necessary


– Fix all the small material flaws that fix the buyer’s attention and give a negative feeling about the general condition of the house


  – Correct the lighting in all rooms


– Place all the necessary decoration material so that the exact potential of each space is visible to the buyer


– Leave this material on throughout the sales period.


– Take more attractive photos of the house for the sale announcement.


In short, it is about turning an unsaleable (or saleable at a very low price) apartment or house into a bright, modern, attractive real estate product, apt to be liked by buyers.


  1. If I had a property that was worth 200,000 Euros, and had your company remodel the kitchen, and the bathroom, what increase in value could I expect to achieve and what budget on average would I need?

With the housing market rebounding, after around a decade of collapse, the good times for selling a home seem to be back. However, if you want to get a good return on the sale of a property, it is necessary to invest in its improvement first. Reforming a used home and leaving it ready to move in can add about 15% more to the original value (plus the cost of the reform).


  1. Would you recommend to remodel a property before it goes on the market to achieve the best price?

Dressing up, modernizing or giving a home a facelift is, in principle, recommended. If you want to sell a product, the consequence is to present it in the best possible way to potential buyers.

With regard to a house, the appraised value can increase between 10% and 17% in addition to the cost of the work thanks to a reform, depending on the depth of the rehabilitation or the data source that is taken into consideration .

  1. Reformas Oniline Zaragoza remodellingWhat should a property owner’s thought process be when considering remodeling their home?

The 10 things you should know when doing a comprehensive home remodel:


  1. Write down the needs you have
  2. Calculate online how much your comprehensive reform costs
  3. Find a professional
  4. Choose what qualities you want
  5. Compare quotes
  6. Determine who you have the most feeling with
  7. Work contract
  8. Know what building permits you have to request for a comprehensive reform
  9. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t like something
  10. And… .be patient!


  1. In your opinion, what is the most important aspect to consider before starting a renovation project?

If we are going to carry out a comprehensive reform in our home, it is very important that before thinking about certain materials, furniture and decoration in general.


  1. What would you say to people who want to renovate their homes but are not confident and don’t know how to go about it?

Reforming a house can be complex, and sometimes we feel like a big change but we don’t even know where to start. If you need inspiration to reform your home, and you don’t know what aspects to take into account, pay attention to these ideas that we have compiled to make your life easier:



Before we begin, we must carefully reflect and think about why we want to reform and what needs we have. It is essential to have everything clear before starting, because being comfortable in the place where you live is a very important aspect.

Think about what aspects of your home you want to improve: do you need more rooms? Do we have enough space? Shower or bath? …

You can be advised by family and friends, but think that you are the one who is going to live in that apartment or house, and it is essential that you feel comfortable with the reform to be carried out.

The distribution

Once the needs that we have have been thought and defined, we must find the appropriate distribution of spaces in our home. At this point we must take into account the integrity of the property, thinking about the water pipes, pipes, electrical system …

You can ask for help from Professionals and Reform and Interior Design Companies if you have doubts, so that they can advise you on the new distribution and thus be able to get the most out of your reform.

The painting

Painting is another fundamental aspect to take into account when renovating your home, the lighting and the colors chosen can be much more than we imagine. Light colors such as white are a very good choice to hide imperfections, provide greater clarity and give a feeling of space.

At this point you also have to take into account the orientation of the rooms and the lighting that each one receives. To know the amount of light that one room or another receives from the house. We recommend using light tones if the room is facing north and using bolder colors if the room is facing south or east.


  1. Could you share with us some of your top tips for making home improvements?

Over the years there are many possibilities that new trends in decoration offer us to improve our home. Today we will talk about 5 tips that will help you have a more comfortable and comfortable home.


1.Change a bathtub for a shower: more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of this change. It is about changing the old bathtub of a lifetime for a shower. The showers are much more comfortable for all members of the house, in addition, this change from bathtub to shower can be even more effective if we place a transparent glass screen without profiles, which will give the finish a much more elegant touch.

2.Opt for open spaces: the open concept is in fashion, something that we can see in the decoration programs that have become popular on various television channels. It is about expanding spaces, joining environments, such as the kitchen and the living room being united. These types of spaces are more comfortable as they are more spacious and can interact with all the members of the house wherever you are.

3.Closing the terrace or porch: terrace or porch enclosures are the most common today, it is about closing the spaces with a glass, allowing their use regardless of the weather. Rain or snow, we can use the terrace or porch without any problem.

  1. Low consumption bulbs: you can also opt for led lights, which are low consumption, this will benefit the environment and benefit you, seeing how the electricity bills are lower. If you also opt for appliances that spend little, you will see a really important reduction.

5.Optimize space: one of the most common problems in all homes is the lack of space, if this is your case, you have to improve storage spaces. You can include more cabinets for this purpose or opt for boxes or other equally valid systems.

With these 5 tips you will improve your home considerably.home improvements for profits

  1. You offer interior and exterior home remodeling, in your opinion is remodeling the outside of the property as important as the inside of the property?

The first thing you see of a house is the facade: it must be well cared for so as not to give a bad impression. The facade is of vital importance for a house, keep in mind that this is the one that withstands inclement weather, withstands wind, rain, scorching sun, etc. For this reason, from time to time we must check that it is not damaged to avoid greater evils such as cracks or partial collapse.

Reforming a home and, specifically, the exterior facade, can represent good savings in the short medium term, since by reforming it we will be able to better insulate the doors and windows, this will allow us to save energy in winter because the heat will remain inside the house and save energy in summer because, being better insulated, the heat will be less intense and there will be no loss of air conditioning.


  1. You are based in Spain, so does that mean you only offer your services in Spain?

We offer services in Spain, but we have also provided services in France and Germany.

To learn more about Reformas Oniline Zaragoza please visit


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